Free Sajita campaign image

Free Sajita

Read the petition in Arabic here. To: Lebanon’s Minister of Labour, General Director of General Security and the President of the [...]

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domestic worker

Help end domestic slavery

Women and girls leave their homes every day to find jobs as domestic workers in the cities of your country. But when they show up for [...]

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Domestic worker activist Roja Limbu

Save Roja

We urgently need your help. Earlier this month two domestic workers were arrested in Lebanon. Their names are Sushila Rana and Roja [...]

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Not Just A Maid

Domestic workers aren't always treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve - at times being seen as only "maids," even [...]

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The brutal story of Erwiana Sulistyaningsih’s torture and abuse at the hands of her employer in Hong Kong shocked the world and showed [...]

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