Help end domestic slavery in Belgium -

Help end domestic slavery in Belgium


Women and girls leave their homes every day to find jobs as domestic workers in the cities of Belgium.

But when they show up for their first day of work, many find out they’ve been deceived. Locked inside the homes of strangers, their passports taken away, often beaten and sexually abused, caught in the nightmare of modern slavery.

For the first time ever, there’s a global standard to protect domestic workers. It’s called ILO Convention 189. 13 key countries have already signed on and momentum is growing for an international surge of support. If Belgium ratifies now it will be the third country in Europe to do so and will be crucial to ensure other countries in the region follow suit. Belgium’s governments have already done the ground work to sign up to this standard and now one final step needs to be completed.

Sign the petition to show your support for Belgium taking the necessary steps to protecting domestic workers from the risk of modern slavery.

Campaign updates

10 June 2015: Great news! Belgium ratifies Convention 189 and confirms its commitment to implementing legislation which will help protect its domestic workers.

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