Freedom United welcomes Human Trafficking Search

Freedom United welcomes Human Trafficking Search to our community

  • Published on
    July 28, 2023
  • Written by:
    Joanna Ewart-James
  • Category:
    Human trafficking
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Freedom United is excited to announce that Human Trafficking Search is now part of the Freedom United family. The two organizations share a goal of bringing you timely and informed analysis of all forms of human trafficking issues worldwide.

Who is Human Trafficking Search? It is a global resource and database, based in the U.S., like Freedom United. On its website, you can read news articles, watch videos, view art, explore research, and blog posts covering all forms of human trafficking. These include resource hubs on prison labor, foster care and trafficking, and the war in Ukraine.

Shared approach

Through our common mission, we help empower the public, service providers, advocates, professionals, and researchers, to secure action that will help secure an end to human trafficking and modern slavery worldwide.

By joining forces, we are strengthening our ability to address the root causes of modern slavery. That is because both organizations are guided by our commitment to human rights, community empowerment, and social action.

Multilingual resources and reports

Human Trafficking Search’s website receives hundreds and thousands of visitors seeking information and accurate insights into human trafficking today. Therefore, through this new alliance, we will reach more people and widen society’s understanding of why it continues to persist and what needs to change.

Their website holds information in multiple languages covering 120 countries, helping us reach beyond our Anglophone community. Their reports on specific geographies and toolkits on various topics related to human trafficking, will provide deeper information for our community to explore.

Over the coming months, we will be building stronger online connections between our organizations. These links will enrich our evidence base for Freedom United campaigns, and so mobilize greater awareness into action, strengthening the collective power of our community.

Strengthening the anti-trafficking response

Elizabeth Pathy Salett, who founded Human Trafficking Search in 2006, expressed her enthusiasm about the announcement, stating:

“The goals of Human Trafficking Search have always been about achieving tangible outcomes in the reduction of modern slavery. Joining with the inspirational team at Freedom United will strengthen the worldwide movement to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking.”

Our co-founder and Executive Director at Freedom United commented:

“Freedom United, like Human Trafficking Search, is an innovator with a nimble team speaking out on some of the most challenging human trafficking topics. By joining forces, we will be better positioned to respond to today’s challenges and build resilience against all forms of modern slavery.”

By joining together, Freedom United and Human Trafficking Search will fortify our vision of a world resilient to modern slavery. This partnership will empower our collective community of supporters, driving us closer to a world free of all forms of modern slavery.

Welcome, Human Trafficking Search, to the Freedom United community! Together, we can make a lasting impact on the fight against human trafficking.

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