Freedom United host a special panel event discussing the decriminalization of sex work with our expert panel as an alternative to the Nordic Model and how the decriminalization of sex work can help build resilience to trafficking.

We sit down with children’s rights advocates Mavuto Banda, a former child worker and University of Hull doctoral student, and Jonathan Blagbrough, Co-director of Children Unite, to ask a crucial question: Is child labor always exploitative?

On this short episode, we discuss with the Freedom United community how orphanage trafficking occurs and why we are calling on volunteer tour operators to stop offering placements in orphanages.

We put the spotlight on forced organ harvesting and organ trafficking – crimes that amount to underreported forms of modern slavery. Hear from experts Susie Hughes, Tamara Barnett, Lord Philip Hunt of Kings Heath, and Dr. Trevor Stammers.

We explore how the Uyghur forced labor crisis links to the global fashion industry ft Jewher Ilham, Rahima Mahmut, Raphaël Glucksmann MEP and Chloe Cranston.

Eritrea Focus chairman Habte Hagos and former BBC World Africa editor, Martin Plaut, discuss the persistence of modern slavery in Eritrea through the government’s National Service and the importance of calling for foreign businesses and institutions to divest from the country.

Activist and blogger Malcolm Bidali, and labor rights expert Nick McGeehan explore the continuing impact of the kafala system on migrant workers in Qatar and what still needs to change ahead of the World Cup.