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About us

Freedom United reduces demand for modern slavery by inspiring global society to become life-long abolitionists through learning and sharing knowledge. We channel that commitment to anti-slavery organizations through giving, and taking actions that call on governments and companies to end modern slavery.

Our vision

arrow-2_2xSimply put – A world where all men, women and children are free from modern slavery.

Our mission

Our mission is INSPIRE millions of people to become lifelong abolitionists, then MOBILIZE them to INFLUENCE governments, business and society to make the changes necessary to end modern slavery.

Our Partners

We partner with 71 organizations in over a dozen different countries – with more to come. Working with these partners on the frontlines has led to 34 campaign wins, as intergovernmental institutions, governments, and businesses agree to implement change towards ending modern slavery.

Our Finances


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2016 Donor Recap

5%Online giving
5%Freedom Founders
15%Grants and Foundations
75%Major gifts

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