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Gift under Christmas tree Slavery-Free Goods
Thursday December 9, 2021

Not another gift guide: What products to avoid this Christmas

At this time of year, many of our supporters find themselves in a tight spot trying to celebrate the season whilst not contributing to forced labor systems. It’s quite a task because the truth is that the products of modern slavery are all around us. That’s why we created this a first-of-its kind interactive modern slavery map highlighting today’s most pressing cases of modern slavery and how our community can take action. With conscious consumption on the rise, lists abound with “ethical” and “sustainable” gift suggestions for friends and family. While we don’t have a list

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Banner that reads "sex workers' rights are human rights" Law & Policy
Thursday November 11, 2021

Freedom United responds to Australia’s Draft Online Safety (Basic Online Safety Expectations) Determination

Freedom United is concerned about Australia's Draft Online Safety (Basic Online Safety Expectations). Below is our submission to the government consultation. November 11, 2021 Dear Director, Online Safety Reform and Research Section: I am writing from Freedom United, an international anti-trafficking NGO, with regards to the Draft Online Safety (Basic Online Safety Expectations) Determination 2021 consultation. While we believe in the importance of preventing and addressing online harms, including human trafficking, we are concerned about the potential for

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Climate inaction is undermining anti-slavery efforts Anti-slavery activists
Friday August 20, 2021

Climate inaction is undermining anti-slavery efforts

Read our joint letter to world leaders urgently calling on them to recognize the link between climate-induced migration and modern slavery – and take action to mitigate risks. The report heard around the world The world has been united in horror following the “code red for humanity” declared in the new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This declaration follows months of news about wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, Turkey and Greece; stories of the harrowing reality of deadly floods in China, Belgium, Germany, Nigeria and Costa Rica, as well as

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Indigenous peoples and the anti-trafficking sector's blind spot Human trafficking
Friday August 6, 2021

Indigenous peoples and the anti-trafficking sector’s blind spot

There are an estimated 370 million indigenous people around the world. Today,  indigenous peoples are counted among the populations made most vulnerable to human trafficking. Indigenous communities are usually overlooked when it comes to institutional reporting and data collection on forced labor and trafficking due to problematic definitions of trafficking coupled with the usually remote living arrangements of indigenous communities and their relationships with state authorities.  However, in some cases, inflation of incidence is misattributed to indigenous communities,

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