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Anti-slavery activists
Wednesday November 13, 2019

Global supporter survey findings: how did you rate your government?

The results of the Freedom United Global Supporter Survey are here! We asked you to rate your government’s response to modern slavery and speak out on what you believe needs to change. We were thrilled by the thousands of supporters who took the time to complete the survey — thank you! So which country was rated the highest? The lowest? Take a look below at the global summary of responses. We’ve highlighted countries where we had the highest number of responses, as well as some of the most thoughtful comments from around the world. How long have you been part of the Freedom

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Forced Labor
Friday September 27, 2019

Speak Free: Rallying against the private prison industry

The private prison industry is under fire. As the nationwide immigration crackdown continues, it is outrageous that the country's two largest for-profit prison companies — GEO Group and CoreCivic — have seen their profits balloon after receiving billions in ICE-awarded contracts. Now both companies face a slew of lawsuits for allegedly subjecting immigrants and asylum seekers to forced labor. Those who refuse say they've been threatened with solitary confinement or punished by having basic necessities denied. But the public and Freedom United supporters are fighting back, standing up

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Forced Labor
Wednesday October 2, 2019

Speak Free: EU must step up to end slavery in Libya

The world was shocked when news of slave markets in Libya broke two years ago, but since then cases of modern slavery in Libya have evolved considerably. And they are all linked back to migrant detention centers and the money and power fueling their existence. The European Union has a critical role to play in ending human trafficking and forced labor tied to Libya's migrant detention centers. It must stop supporting the Libyan Coastguard to intercept boats in the Mediterranean Sea and returning innocent migrants and asylum seekers to these horrendous facilities. We're backing the growing

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freedom united Forced Labor
Thursday May 16, 2019

Persisting (and Resisting) to Raise Awareness of Prison Slavery

Katina French

As social media manager at Freedom United, most of my work takes place online. It’s rare that I get to meet supporters and partners in real life and to hear why they chose to work against modern slavery. This week, I helped coordinate a Red Sand Project event in Nashville. We also received promotional support from Women’s March Tennessee. The event was highlighting our campaign calling on private prison company CoreCivic to address allegations of forced labor in their facilities. CoreCivic – one of the country’s largest private prison companies – issued a last-minute

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baby jane allas Domestic Slavery
Friday May 3, 2019

Fired for Having Cancer: Our Exclusive Interview with Baby Jane Allas and Jessica Cutrera

 Imagine being fired for having cancer. It’s shocking, but it’s exactly what happened to Baby Jane Allas. The single mother came to Hong Kong to be a domestic worker in 2017, hoping to support her five children and mother back in the Philippines. Yet her employer acted like Baby Jane was her property, treating her like a servant she owned. Baby Jane was made to sleep in a cabinet under the stairs and was not given a weekly day off a required by Hong Kong law. On top of this, her employed rationed

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