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Every two seconds, a child becomes a victim of forced marriage.1 This egregious child rights violation robs millions of their childhoods, substituting a life of misery and hardship.

Girls like Maria*, who at 13 was forced to become the sixth wife of a 70-year-old man. When she resisted, her father told her: “If you don’t go to join your husband, I will kill you.”2

Join our movement to end forced child marriage and help girls like Maria.

Right now world leaders, government officials and civil society can make ending forced marriage a priority. Sustainable Development Goal 5.3 has put ending forced marriage on the global agenda and with our support for this goal we can help change the lives of girls like Maria for the better.

But we need people like you to help push governments and civil society to make ending this abhorrent practice a priority.

Case by case, country by country, we will push lawmakers and politicians to protect children from this abhorrent practice.

Want to know more about forced child marriage around the world – check out our blog here!

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There is so much intervention and proxy wars against 3’rd world countries for mere profits but they cannot stop these vulgar practices of total insanity, I think not.
The world is ruled by fear and all that promotes some kind of fear has increased so much over the last decades. There is no reason why this cannot be stopped as the UN could sanction such countries into oblivion, they would soon change their practices if it cost them their export business, believe me.

Rosemary Clarke

It is difficult to understand why a parent would do this to their daughter. Poverty may have some role in this. Stopping it needs a combination of education, assistance of some sort to provide the means for people to support themselves, leadership from governments and changes in the law so this practice ceases worldwide as soon as possible.

Darrell Noel

This is no less than sexual slavery for children. Disgusting!!

Lia Cramer

Forced marriage at any age is wrong – let alone when still a child!! Pedophilia comes to mind here and has to stop!!
As for a girl or woman having to marry the ‘low-life’ who raped her is a disgusting law and must be banned now!!!

Manoharan Thangavelu

Forced or unforced. A child marrying can only be a slave

El Gleeson

Child brides is Child Abuse and it has to stop, and we all need to stand up for these beautiful children who have no rights, be their voice until they can claim back their rights to have a childhood.


Girls not Brides
End Child Marriage Right Now!
🙁 Please, everyone supports to end these kind of marriages and acts.

Tired of It

Girls & boys should always hAv a choice. I think no one should be forced to do anything they don’t want to. At the same space I was forced into School. I think All children should have More time with Their Parents. Girls & boys Should be Encouraged to take care of a home if they choose to. I feel Happy Taking care of My children Myself.
What about the slavery that is the School & the Work force here as it stands. I would rather clean one bathroom in my home than 10 people’s.

Cynthia Chambers

No child should be forced into a marriage! Children are precious, they should be left to grow and learn to live and love the right way, not be victimized and terrorized out of their childhoods!

Joan C

No child shop be forced into marriage. Children must be cared for and protected from these horrors.



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I believe marriage should be a partnership between two consenting adults. That no man, woman or child should ever be forced into a marriage.

I pledge to fight against forced marriage, in all its forms and express my support for Sustainable Development Goal 5.3 to end this slavery practice by 2030.

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Members are based throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. We share the conviction that every girl has the right to lead the life that she chooses and that, by ending child marriage, we can achieve a safer, healthier and more prosperous future for all.

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