Help end forced labor -

Help end forced labor

Your country must act quickly to adopt and implement the international law1 to prevent abuses, protect victims, as well as punish those that profit from forced labor.

We have already waited decades for this tough new global standard against forced labor. The people trapped on farms, in mines, in factories and in all the other places where forced labor flourishes shouldn’t have to wait while our policy-makers drag their heels to put this law into practice.

All countries must prioritize this effort to end forced labor: call on the Government of your country to adopt this law immediately. 

This law — known as the Protocol of 20141 to Convention 292Convention 292 supplemented by Protocol of 20141 — creates new responsibilities for governments in the fight against forced labor, the key measures cover:3

  1. Prevention. Governments are obligated to create national action plans to tackle forced labor and support business to root out and respond to forced labor in their supply chains.
  2. Better protection for victims. This includes the safeguarding of vulnerable migrant workers against fraudulent and abusive recruitment practices.
  3. Justice. Victims are now protected from prosecution for crimes they may have committed as a direct result of their forced labor. They also have access to justice, including the ability to claim for compensation for the abuses they have experienced, where they occurred.

Our collective voice can keep forced labor on the agenda and ensure swift action by the Government of your country. Act now!

Ratified countries: Czech Republic, Mauritania, Niger, Mali, Norway, France, United Kingdom, Panama, Argentina, Estonia, Denmark, Iceland and Jamaica.

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Am so happy to hear that, forced labour is the worst form of slavery.

Charmaine McDonald

We are all human beings in the sight of ONE GOD


stop this inhumane practice ..,.


I’m shocked that the US hasn’t already done this, or is this something else that Trump has Undone?

Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah

As human rights activists, I am working for humanity and human rights from many many years to defend the rights of humanity , because violence against the rights of humanity is the blunder and the crime against supreme creations .

George Marsh

Forced labor may be acceptable in prison, but not in a free society.

Dana Britomaris

Did you think slavery had been eliminated? No, slavery has simply dispensed with official, government-issued documentation. Help to end the practice now.

Denise Lytle

No one should have to suffer for someone else’s greed!

Candido Requião

Brazil has just approved a labor reform where workers will be subject to new legislation that removes workers’ rights and may generate underemployment, unemployment, subsalaries and submission to subjectivities by employers. In addition, the National Congress is negotiating a social security reform proposal where it anticipates that it particularly extinguishes retirement with a contribution time of 49 years so that the person can be entitled to a retirement. This is slave labor.

Angelo Fornaro



Call on your government to adopt the international law to end forced labor

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I call on my Government to immediately ratify the Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labour Convention No. 29, 1930.

I hope I can count on you to make forced labor history.

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