Field report: Call on World Governments to Ratify Convention 189


To call on governments worldwide to help end domestic slavery by ratifying Convention 189 to protect domestic workers. 


For the first time in history, Convention 189 (also known as the Convention on Domestic Workers) offered a global standard to protect domestic workers. Officially, the Convention concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers is a convention setting labor standards for domestic workers. It lays out rights such as daily and weekly rest hours, entitlement to minimum wage, and the right to choose the place where they live and spend their leave. 


In April 2012, the government of Uruguay  became the first country to ratify it, and South America continues to lead the way with the most countries per region who have followed suit. Following our campaign, in June 2015 Belgium ratified International Labour Organization Convention No. 189 to protect domestic workers. To date, 23 key countries have signed on, and they are calling on the rest of the world to join them in ensuring that domestic workers are protected. During a three-week period in September 2016, 52,412 advocates took action. Following this pressure, Jamaica ratified in October 2016. 


We continue to work closely with partners to identify key opportunities to push governments to ratify this constitutional convention. To see the list of countries that have ratified to date, click here

Our partner in this campaign:

International Domestic Workers Federation

International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) is a membership-based global organization of domestic and household workers. Its objective is to build a strong, democratic and united domestic/household workers global organization to protect and advance domestic workers’ rights everywhere. As of July 2016, IDWF has 59 affiliates from 48 countries, with 500,897 domestic workers organized. Most of these are trade unions and others are associations and workers co-ops.