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Campaign Update:

9 February 2016: We did it! The Indonesian House recommended the Domestic Workers’ Bill for the 2016 national legislative agenda!1 This now paves the way for the government commission responsible and the House to discuss and debate the bill, moving closer to better protections for domestic workers.

We can’t thank you enough for the amazing support you’ve shown for the #NotJustAMaid campaign. On the way to changing the law we wanted to highlight personal stories of domestic workers and change societal perceptions – and you helped us do just that.

Not Just A Maid

Domestic workers aren’t always treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve – at times being seen as only “maids,” even second-class citizens. 

We believe they are more than “maids.” They are workers, mothers, fathers, strong women, and, most importantly, human beings. 

They are just like all of us. And they deserve to be treated well.

We routinely hear appalling stories of Indonesian migrant domestic workers being exploited in places like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong—but we forget that such abuses also exist in Indonesia.1

So how can we put an end to domestic slavery in Indonesia? The first step is passing the Domestic Workers’ Bill. Not only will it recognize domestic work as formal work, it will put in place essential protections, ensuring that they receive fair contracts, time off, a minimum wage, and social security.2

We urge Commission IX and the Legislative Body of the House of Representatives put the bill into motion by making it a legislative priority for 2016. Today, join us in calling on the House of Representatives to protect domestic workers across Indonesia.

To watch our #NotJustAMaid video series:

“Indonesians call for domestic worker protection”:

“Domestic workers bravely share their stories”:

“Employers stand up for domestic workers’ rights”:

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Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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