Survey results: What our supporters want from Freedom United in 2021 -

Survey results: What our supporters want from Freedom United in 2021

  • Published on
    January 15, 2021
  • Written by:
    Miriam Karmali
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    Anti-slavery activists
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We can’t wait to share the results of our 2020 supporter survey! We now have a better idea of what inspires the Freedom United community and how YOU want to see the Freedom United platform used to effect meaningful change.

So, what modern slavery issues matter most to you? How will your input inform our campaign priorities for the coming year, and how will we keep offering new ways to get involved in the movement?

Explore the survey results to find out!


Would you like to see more content from us in languages other than English? If so, please let us know which language.

The most popular language listed was Spanish followed by French, Portuguese, Italian and German. The Freedom United website now has an option to translate content into Spanish and Italian which we hope our community will find useful. As a small team, we can’t yet commit to providing all content in languages other than English, but we endeavor to keep revisiting this.

Where to find Italian and Spanish translation options on Freedom United’s website:

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

What do you particularly like about being part of the Freedom United community?

The majority of responders like that Freedom United focuses on modern slavery issues all over the world and gives your voice power by combining it with others. Building power is what Freedom United is all about!

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

It powers my voice by combining it with others: 60%

Freedom United’s values align with my own: 57%

Freedom United collaborates with partners around the world: 42%

Freedom United has a global perspective: 61%


What campaigns or modern slavery issues most inspired you to take action in 2020?

The forced labor of Uyghurs in China inspired 70% of responders to take action to speak out against modern slavery in 2020, followed by child exploitation in cocoa and forced organ harvesting. Keep an eye out for opportunities to continue taking on these campaigns in 2021.

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Click on the links below to learn about the latest developments on these campaigns.

Forced labor of Uyghur and other minority groups in China: 70%

Child exploitation in cocoa: 65%

Ending prison slavery in the U.S: 44%

Urging credit card companies to reject Pornhub and trafficking: 54%

Forced organ harvesting: 59%

COVID-19 healthcare for all survivors: 45%

Other: 12%

Our community also shared other modern slavery issues that inspired them to act in 2020:

  • “Reports on domestic slavery, especially in the UK and forced marriage.”Stephanie, United Kingdom
  • “Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) child and adult mineral slavery. Domestic slavery worldwide.” Petra, Ireland
  • “Slavery in the Middle East, fishermen in Asia.” Lisa, United Kingdom
  • “Forced labour in Spain and Italy agriculture sector.” Heribert, Germany


Which of the following modern slavery issues would you like to see Freedom United begin working on? Select all that apply.

We were eager to see what aspects of modern slavery Freedom United should consider focusing on ending for the year ahead. 70% of you want to see a campaign to end domestic servitude of African migrants in the Middle East, followed by 66% of supporters wanting to see a campaign to tackle sex trafficking through the decriminalization of sex work.

In February 2021, Freedom United will be hosting an online event discussing the decriminalization of sex work in the context of trafficking. More details to come soon!

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

The impact on trafficking of the U.K. leaving the E.U: 53%

Modifying the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, so it no longer allows slavery as a punishment for crime: 53%

The link between systemic racism & discrimination and slavery: 66%

Ending sex trafficking through decriminalization of sex work: 66%

Calling for open borders to tackle human trafficking: 51%

Indigenous Americans/First Nations and modern slavery: 54%

Ending state-sponsored forced labor in Turkmenistan: 50%

Campaigning to end domestic servitude of African migrants in the Middle East: 71%

None of the above: 1.06%


What modern slavery issues are important to you?

The majority of responders told us that child slavery is the most important modern slavery issue to them, with forced marriage and sex trafficking closely following.

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Forced labor in supply chains: 70%

Child slavery: 90%

Forced marriage: 84%

Enforcement of international standards to end forced labor: 62%

Sex trafficking: 84%

Domestic servitude: 69%

Other: 7%


Digital technology is developing all the time. Are there campaign features that you think we should offer? Perhaps something you’ve seen elsewhere? Feel free to add in a link.

Freedom United prides itself on being able to provide the latest in digital campaigning techniques to make the anti-modern slavery movement accessible to everyone. We wanted to know how the community thinks we can do better.

We’re in the process of rolling out our interactive map where you can see all of our campaigns, news stories and products of slavery. Check it out here!

  • “Chat room for collaboration, online zoom meetings.”Bhavani, Singapore
  • “I signed up to the Injustice Advent Calendar and relished sharing my actions each day. More online opportunities to sign petitions and join related organisations is important to increase engagement of the public. Sharing sources of information to direct people to facts is vital.” Stephen, St. Helena
  • “A specific Freedom United App. It would include all campaigns, features and even a ‘donate now’ button. This button would allow supporters to donate any time, anywhere.” Daniela, South Africa
  • “Opportunities to sponsor specific individuals who are escaping slavery and need help to establish themselves.”Kristof, United States
  • “Create short (5-15 min) clips for YouTube & Facebook distribution; and 1-3 min clips for phone aps like Twitter.” Paul, United States
  • A world map showing all your active campaigns locations and past campaigns and pipelines campaigns. To see how global impact matters and also movement of trafficking from country of origin to end countries.” Christophe, Australia


Over 2020 we have broadcast lots of webinars. Have you watched one?

Over 60% of survey responders weren’t aware of the online events we’ve been running over 2020. That means we have some work to do! You can find all the recordings of our past events on our YouTube channel here and we’re also planning a dedicated page on our website to make our events more accessible.

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where we regularly share updates on our upcoming online events.

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Yes, I thought they were informative: 15%

Yes, but I am bored of Zoom! 3%

No, I wasn’t aware of them: 64%

No, and I am bored of Zoom: 18%


This year we finalized our Freedom University course. Have you seen the course on our website? If you haven’t, you can find it by clicking ‘Learn’ on our site.

82% of survey responders said they aren’t aware of our Freedom University course. We want everyone to know where to access this exciting resource we’ve developed in partnership with the University of Nottingham and leading experts and academics in the field of modern slavery.

Please check out the course on our ‘Learn’ page here and share it with a friend!

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Yes: 18%

No: 82%


We’ve added a new events calendar to our website. Would you use the calendar to stay up to date on modern slavery events online and around the world?

We’re glad to hear that 63% of responders said they would use our new events calendar to stay up to date with modern slavery events happening around the world.

Check out our events calendar here.

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Yes: 63%

No: 37%


Do you read our weekly news digest?

Over half of survey responders said they read our weekly news digest where we cover developments on modern slavery from all around the world and the Freedom United community’s impact.

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Yes: 58%

No, I don’t receive it: 23%

No, I don’t have time to read it: 19%


Do you think a wide range of modern slavery stories are covered in our weekly news digest?

We are pleased to learn that 87% of responders think we cover a wide range of modern slavery issues and are happy with the content.

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

I am happy with the range of topics and stories shared: 87%

I would like to see a greater variety of topics and stories: 13%


The length of the news digest email is:

And 90% think the length is just right, too!

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Much too short: 1%

Too short: 2%

About the right length: 90%

Too long: 6%

Much too long: 1%


Do you share Freedom United campaigns on social media, including WhatsApp, to raise awareness of modern slavery?


Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Yes: 40%

No: 60%

60% of responders said they don’t share Freedom United campaigns on social media. We know that by sharing campaigns, we can build more awareness of modern slavery, meaning that we will have more power to effectively tackle it. That’s why we asked…


… If you answered no, please let us know how we can make our content more shareable.

44% of survey responders would like to see more content led by lived experience of modern slavery. We strive to work with people directly affected by modern slavery issues. In 2021, we will continue to promote Freedom United as a platform for survivors to share their insights and expertise.

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Have more content drafted by survivors: 44%

Provide the ability to share content by modern slavery theme: 42%

Provide the ability to share content by geography: 30%

Have more content featuring the Freedom United team: 21%

Offer more in-depth content: 21%


I’d like Freedom United to use its social media to…

Over two-thirds of survey responders said they would like to see Freedom United share more activists’ content on our social platforms. Our goal in 2021 is to use our platforms to spotlight content from activists and our partner organizations.

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Share more activists’ content: 64%

Give opinion: 35%

Give us an idea of what it’s like to work at Freedom United: 30%

Share more partner content: 28%


Freedom United partners with over 90 global organizations. Does knowing who our campaign partners are matter to you?

The majority of survey responders said that it does matter to them to know who Freedom United’s campaign partners are.

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Yes: 68%

No: 32%


If you answered yes to the above, can you briefly explain why?


  • “I would like to see organizations from my country partner up with your campaigns, especially on sex work and human trafficking.” Bianca, Romania
  • “I think that the more organisations work together the stronger the cause is.” Fiona, United Kingdom
  • “I support a wide number of charities and campaign groups. It is good to know that there is mutual action on here important issues.” Graham, United Kingdom
  • “Knowing who Freedom United campaign partners are is important to recognize the global organizations that are so valuable to end discrimination, slavery and other critical issues.” Elena, Argentina
  • “It helps to give a fuller picture, and it is encouraging to know there are so many others doing the same work, together.” Colin, United Kingdom
  • “It shows the reach you have globally, why this matters and the collaborative nature of the work you do.” Deborah, United Kingdom
  • “Knowing about your campaign partners is important for enabling their visibility and that of their action.” Anthoula, Cyprus


Apart from Freedom United, do you follow or support any other organizations?

80% of responders said that they support other organizations’ work and shared some of their interests that intersect with modern slavery.

Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Yes: 80%

No: 20%


What causes besides modern slavery are important to you?


  • “Indigenous rights, justice, poverty, public health and public institutions; tax evasion and tax havens by corporations and wealthy individuals; voting reform.”Wilfrid, Canada
  • “Black lives matter – I am white British but feel that I have mistakenly thought that prejudice in the UK was over because I don’t see it within my groups i.e. friends, neighbours or other company.” Tony, United Kingdom
  • “Discrimination, migrants and health inequalities.” Luis, Mexico
  • “Workers’ rights across all sectors and worldwide, animal welfare in the food industry, protection of nature, animal and plant species, reduction of the global warming effects.” Tina, Slovenia
  • “Mental health, systemic racism, domestic abuse, unfair imprisonment, global politics, the environment and climate change, transgender issues.” Dyllis, United Kingdom
  • “Other social inequalities including treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, religious and ethnic prejudice with the violence it causes, the need for land reform and other reforms to increase social justice, environmental degradation with its effect on inhabitants especially indigenous populations.” Margaret, Australia


We partner with organizations that focus on issues other than modern slavery. Would you like to see us do that more often?

59% of survey responders said they would like to see Freedom United partner with organizations that focus on other issues and areas of interest other than modern slavery.

We know that the Freedom United community supports a variety of organizations and has varied interests that may also cross-over with modern slavery issues. We hope to be able to partner with new organizations working on other social justice issues in 2021!


Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results

Yes: 59%

No: 5%

I don’t mind: 36%


Thank you to the Freedom United community for sharing your input to help guide Freedom United’s campaign priorities in 2021.

Your ideas will help us do our best to ensure Freedom United serves you, and the wider anti-modern slavery movement, in the coming year.

If you have any further input or questions, please email us at [email protected]

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