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Friday January 22, 2021

Welcoming campaigner Payzee Mahmod to the Board of Directors

Freedom United is delighted to welcome Payzee to its Board of Directors, effective January 13, 2021. Payzee Mahmod is already familiar to many of our supporters as she leads Freedom United’s campaign to help end forced or coerced child marriage by criminalizing marriage under the age of 18. In the UK under 18s can get married with the permission of their parents which facilitates parental coercion. Payzee Mahmod is a powerful speaker and advocate, a campaigner against child marriage and FGM, who is currently serving with IKWRO – Iranian and Kurdish Womens Rights Organisation and as

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Other slavery
Thursday January 21, 2021

Calling on Universities to divest from prison slavery

You probably know that the United States did not abolish slavery with the 13th Amendment. Involuntary servitude remains legal as punishment for a crime. However, even those who are not convicted of crimes – including immigrant detainees – have allegedly been subjected to forced labor behind bars. The U.S. public and private prison and immigration detention industry continue to exploit profit from inmates, particularly people from black and brown communities. They are, in effect, trafficked into the prison industrial complex. That is why we are partnering with Be Better Belmont, a

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Anti-slavery activists
Wednesday January 24, 2024

Survey results: What our supporters want from Freedom United in 2024

We can’t wait to share the results of our 2023 supporter survey! Thanks to you, we now have a clearer picture of how YOU want to see the Freedom United platform used in the fight against modern slavery and what the Freedom United community finds most inspiring! So, what modern slavery issues would you like to see Freedom United work on in 2024? What were your suggestions for future events and campaigns? When it comes to addressing modern slavery, what is most helpful to you? Explore the survey results to find out!   Freedom United will soon be 7 years old! How long have you

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Freedom United 2020 supporter survey results Anti-slavery activists
Friday January 15, 2021

Survey results: What our supporters want from Freedom United in 2021

We can’t wait to share the results of our 2020 supporter survey! We now have a better idea of what inspires the Freedom United community and how YOU want to see the Freedom United platform used to effect meaningful change. So, what modern slavery issues matter most to you? How will your input inform our campaign priorities for the coming year, and how will we keep offering new ways to get involved in the movement? Explore the survey results to find out!   Would you like to see more content from us in languages other than English? If so, please let us know which language. The most

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Friday January 8, 2021

Urge California to protect all temporary migrant workers

Campaign Summary: Thousands of temporary workers are being trafficked into forced labor in California under threat of violence, deportation, and harm to their families. The vast majority of temporary workers are recruited via third-party foreign labor contractors, some of whom act neither lawfully nor ethically. That is why we are working with the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking and calling on the California State Legislature to support legislation that would help protect temporary workers from modern slavery. My name is Kanti and I am a survivor of human trafficking and

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