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Migrant domestic workers demand an end to kafala system in Lebanon Other slavery
Thursday May 20, 2021

Migrant domestic workers demand an end to kafala system in Lebanon

“Employers literally control our freedom. Many of them are abusive with no one holding them accountable.” – Tsigereda Brihanu is a former domestic worker and activist Undeterred by the worsening economic crisis in Lebanon, migrant domestic workers continue to unite and campaign for an end to the exploitative kafala system in the country that traps these workers in exploitation, abuse and domestic servitude. The effects of COVID-19 and a collapsing local currency is only increasing the urgent need for migrant domestic workers to be afforded their rights in line with international

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Banner that reads "sex workers' rights are human rights" Law & Policy
Thursday May 13, 2021

Freedom United voices concerns over Ontario’s Anti-Trafficking Bill 251

Freedom United is concerned about Bill 251, the Combating Human Trafficking Act 2021, currently being proposed in Ontario, Canada. Below is our submission to the government. May 13, 2021 Dear Legislative Assembly of Ontario, On behalf of Freedom United, an international anti-trafficking NGO home to the world’s largest anti-slavery community, I am writing to the Ontario government to voice our concerns about Bill 251, Combating Human Trafficking Act 2021 in its current form. While addressing human trafficking and supporting trafficking survivors in Ontario are indeed

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cotton Supply Chain
Wednesday May 12, 2021

Winning a campaign before it even begins – the power of preemptive persuasion

We have just made an impact even before our supporters had a chance to get involved! More often than not, campaigning is the only way to effect behavioral change. Ultimately, however, we hope to also change values so that the need for campaigns disappears altogether. And we're seeing it in action! Our movement fighting modern slavery is growing and conveys so much power that sometimes just the thought of a campaign is enough to make change happen. Here's a peek at an example of a campaign we were ready to launch but didn't have to, thanks to the strength of our community. The Wayfair

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Tuesday April 20, 2021

So you’ve watched Seaspiracy — now what?

Boycotting fish may look like a simple answer, but it is too narrow a response to be an effective solution to the issues raised in the film  Audiences across the world have been rightfully shocked by Seaspiracy, Netflix’s new documentary from British director Ali Tabrizi, which highlights gross environmental and human rights abuses — including human trafficking — occurring in the global fishing industry. From the killings of whales, dolphins, and sharks, scores of plastic fishing nets polluting the ocean, illegal fishing, the failure of certification stamps to

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Forced Labor
Wednesday March 31, 2021

Six months after US import block against FGV, still no remediation for forced labor

For immediate release [Download as pdf for media contacts] Washington, D.C.— On March 31, 2021, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) released its second report on “Findings on the Progress of FGV’s Action Plan 2020.” The Fair Labor Association is affiliated with FGV Holdings Berhad in order to monitor the company’s progress on addressing labor rights and exploitation, including forced labor. Based on this latest update from FLA, it is clear that FGV has been slow to implement meaningful reforms to improve labor conditions for workers on palm plantations and has strikingly failed

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