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An estimated 45.8 million people are in slavery worldwide.

We are a modern abolitionist movement

In every country around the world, people are working for little or no pay, controlled by threats, debt, and violence. We call it by many names, but it amounts to the same thing: modern slavery. Slavery is illegal everywhere, but it continues to thrive because so many of us:
Don’t understand it • Don’t want to think about it • Don’t know how to change it
That’s where we come in. By joining Freedom United, you become part of the solution. We’ve proven time and time again: the collective voice can make a difference. So get started – and welcome to the movement!


Jamaica protects domestic workers

September 2016

Jamaica is home to over 94,000 domestic workers, and they are now better protected from exploitation and modern slavery. Why? Because the Prime Minister of Jamaica signed an international Domestic Worker Convention after we collected 50,000 signatures in just two weeks in partnership with the Jamaica Household Workers’ Union.

100 dishonest recruitment agencies shut down

From April 2014

Following thousands of messages from our supporters and our partner Visayan Forum Foundation, the government of the Philippines closed over 100 unscrupulous recruitment agencies and stopped hundreds of thousands of workers from being trafficked into exploitation.

Ghana Police turn back human traffickers

June 2015

We were delighted when the Ghana police chief issued a directive that vehicles with unaccompanied children on known trafficking routes should be checked. This was the culmination of our work with partner Challenging Heights.

New Zealand helps end slavery at sea

July 2014

Right at the last possible moment, on the last day of sitting, thanks to the encouragement of our supporters and Slave Free Seas, the Parliament of New Zealand voted to adopt a new law requiring all vessels to be flagged to New Zealand meaning labor laws apply.

Argentina publishes trafficking action plan

October 2015

Despite referring to a National Action Plan to combat violence against women and sex trafficking during international meetings since 2012, the government did not answer calls to release it until we partnered up with ELA and delivered a petition with over 40,000 actions.

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