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An estimated 45.8 million people are in slavery worldwide.


In every country around the world, people are exploited against their willcontrolled by threats, debt, and violence. We call it by many names, but it amounts to the same thing: modern slavery. Slavery is illegal everywhere, but it continues to thrive because so many of us:
Don’t understand it • Don’t want to think about it • Don’t know how to change it
That’s where we come in. By joining Freedom United, you become part of the solution. We’ve proven time and time again: the collective voice can make a difference. So get started – and welcome to the movement!


Success! The U.K. takes action against forced organ harvesting

The U.K. has taken action against forced organ harvesting by passing new legislation that prevents British nationals from traveling abroad to receive organ transplants. Over 31,000 in the Freedom United community have been calling on the U.K. and all governments to take action against organ transplant 'tourism' to help end organ trafficking and prevent people from being unwittingly complicit in organ trafficking. Read more here.
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WIN! U.K. passes bill to ban child marriage

CAMPAIGN WIN! The bill to ban child marriage in England and Wales has passed through parliament. Previously, 16 and 17-year olds were able to get married with parental or familial consent, a legal exception that left children vulnerable to being coerced into marriages against their will. We are so proud of our campaign lead and survivor advocate, Payzee Mahmod, and to the Freedom United community and partners who helped make this happen. This is testament to our collective power.
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Australia ratifies the Forced Labour Protocol!

Big news! Australia finally ratifies the Forced Labour Protocol. We handed in 100,000+ Freedom United petition signatures to Australia’s UN Ambassador Mitch Fifield and sent our petition to the Western Australian parliament. They have responded to our collective voice! Now the Forced Labour Protocol is signed, we look forward to the benefits of stronger protections.
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End to state-imposed forced labor in Uzbekistan cotton

Today we are celebrating news that the system of state-imposed forced labor in Uzbekistan’s cotton industry has ended. Freedom United, together with our colleagues the Cotton Campaign, announces the lifting of the global boycott of Uzbek cotton. This comes as the Uzbek Forum for Human Rights releases its report findings of the 2021 harvest which demonstrates that this system is ended. Read our blog article on Freedom United's role in the campaign here.
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Go Overseas takes action against orphanage trafficking

Go Overseas, a company helping thousands of volunteers around the world travel abroad, has just implemented a new system on their site to flag the harms of volunteering in orphanages and the risks of orphanage trafficking as direct result of sustained action from the Freedom United community.  Tens of thousands of us in the Freedom United community have been calling on volunteer tour operators to take a stand against orphanage trafficking by no longer offering volunteer placements in orphanages. We’re proud of Go Overseas for taking this important step and playing their role in disrupting traffickers’ business model, joining Global Vision International and African Impact. Now when a potential volunteer is browsing through opportunities tagged under “childcare” and “orphan care” on their site, they'll see a warning linked to a detailed blog post I wrote on the harms of orphanage volunteering and the associated trafficking risks. 
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