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An estimated 45.8 million people are in slavery worldwide.


In every country around the world, people are exploited against their willcontrolled by threats, debt, and violence. We call it by many names, but it amounts to the same thing: modern slavery. Slavery is illegal everywhere, but it continues to thrive because so many of us:
Don’t understand it • Don’t want to think about it • Don’t know how to change it
That’s where we come in. By joining Freedom United, you become part of the solution. We’ve proven time and time again: the collective voice can make a difference. So get started – and welcome to the movement!


University of Florida cuts ties with Aramark

SUCCESS! We wrote to the President of the University of Florida last year asking him to terminate and not renew its partnership with Aramark as part of our campaign for divestment from prison slavery, and he listened! Effective July 1, the University of Florida ends its contract with exploitative food services company Aramark. Read our letter here. Aramark has been repeatedly criticized for relying on prison labor, as well as documented links to forced labor in prisons. Current and former pre-trial and immigration detainees at Santa Rita Jail in California filed a class action against Aramark alleging forced labor. In addition to its connection to prison labor, Aramark—which has contracts with hundreds of educational institutions across the U.S.—has been frequently sued for a variety of labor abuses, including workplace safety violations and sub-minimum wages. 22,000+ in the Freedom United community helped pressure the University of Florida to divest from prison slavery.
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Success! The U.K. takes action against forced organ harvesting

The U.K. has taken action against forced organ harvesting by passing new legislation that prevents British nationals from traveling abroad to receive organ transplants. Over 31,000 in the Freedom United community have been calling on the U.K. and all governments to take action against organ transplant 'tourism' to help end organ trafficking and prevent people from being unwittingly complicit in organ trafficking. Read more here.
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WIN! U.K. passes bill to ban child marriage

CAMPAIGN WIN! The bill to ban child marriage in England and Wales has passed through parliament. Previously, 16 and 17-year olds were able to get married with parental or familial consent, a legal exception that left children vulnerable to being coerced into marriages against their will. We are so proud of our campaign lead and survivor advocate, Payzee Mahmod, and to the 254,000+ in the Freedom United community who took action to help make this happen.  This is testament to our collective power. Read our field report here.
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