Swedish Girls Fearing Forced Marriage Told to Hide Spoon in Underwear

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The Swedish city of Gothenburg is advising girls who fear that they will be taken abroad for a forced marriage or female genital mutilation (FGM) to tuck a spoon into their underwear before going through airport security.

Katarina Idegard, who is in charge of tackling honor-based violence in the city, says that airport staff have been trained on how to respond to these cases and that the spoon is “a last chance to sound the alarm.”

“The spoon will trigger metal detectors when you go through security checks. You will be taken aside and you can then talk to staff in private,” she explained.

You can take action against forced child marriage now.

While there is no Swedish data on the number of girls taken abroad for forced marriage, Idegard noted that a national hotline received 139 calls last year on child marriages and forced marriages.

Thomson Reuters Foundation reports:

The idea comes from British charity Karma Nirvana, which said the tactic had already saved a number of girls in Britain from forced marriage.

The charity said hiding a spoon in their underwear was a safe way for girls to alert the authorities, which was often difficult if they were constantly surrounded by family.

Idegard said the advice on hiding a spoon was part of a wider campaign to tackle honor-based violence in Gothenburg, which has a population of 1 million people.

Schools and social workers have been asked to be extra vigilant in the run-up to the summer holidays when girls from diaspora communities are more likely to be taken abroad.

“We are doing this now because the risks of forced marriage and FGM increase during the school holidays, especially the long summer break,” said Idegard.

Both forced marriage and FGM are illegal in Sweden, even if the act is carried out abroad, and offenders can be jailed.

Speak up for victims of forced child marriage.

The practice of taking girls abroad for a forced marriage has precedent in Sweden. In 2016, a father was convicted for forcing her daughter into marriage after tricking her into travelling to Afghanistan.

In a previous case from 2014, a 14-year-old girl whose father took her to Ethiopia to marry her cousin was rescued after she sought the help of a school counselor on Facebook.

Join our call to end forced child marriage.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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Great idea
but now i hope you didnt ruin it by publish it here ):

Iverhue janus
Iverhue janus

This is shocking, in the first instance the parents should be arrested and charged for forcing the marriage.

Gea Vox
Gea Vox

It seems rather silly to publicise this, don’t you think?

Now families will thoroughly SEARCH their daughters, beat them if they find spoons on them and possibly even sedate them to render them compliant, before taking them off to their new ‘owners’.

Might it not be more sensible to institute a compulsory interview with girls travelling to known destinations where forced, arranged marriages are still practiced? It could use lie-detecting equipment and so deter the practice altogether.

Vivienne Shea
Vivienne Shea

The time has come. This ridiculous, sexist, barbaric behaviour against females MUST STOP NOW. Can you imagine the outrage if women treated males like this. It’s disgusting, inhumane and just wrong. Cease now.

Namık Ciracioglu
Namık Ciracioglu

Any lagal action taken? I am really anxious about this subject.