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An estimated 40.3 million people are in slavery worldwide.

We are a modern abolitionist movement

In every country around the world, people are working for little or no pay, controlled by threats, debt, and violence. We call it by many names, but it amounts to the same thing: modern slavery. Slavery is illegal everywhere, but it continues to thrive because so many of us:
Don’t understand it • Don’t want to think about it • Don’t know how to change it
That’s where we come in. By joining Freedom United, you become part of the solution. We’ve proven time and time again: the collective voice can make a difference. So get started – and welcome to the movement!

Our Impact

CAMPAIGN WIN! Plan My Gap Year finally acts

CAMPAIGN WIN! Plan My Gap Year finally acts and announces a policy to no longer offer placements in orphanages. We have been asking this of voluntourism operator PMGY since 2018 in order to undermine the business model of orphanage trafficking. Thanks to years of your sustained messages, PMGY has finally enacted policies that help protect children from trafficking. Read more about our campaign to end orphanage trafficking here, and read our field report on this win here.
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Inaugural For Freedom Awards

During January, Human Trafficking Prevention month, we launched Freedom United's inaugural For Freedom Awards to highlight and recognize exceptional work within the Freedom United community.
2022 was a difficult year but despite this, activists on the frontline against modern slavery worked tirelessly to campaign for change. We’re so proud of everything the anti-modern slavery community achieved in a challenging human rights landscape. 
Discover all our award winners here!
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Win! The Telegraph issues correction after publishing inaccurate modern slavery story

Success! The Telegraph has issued a correction after it published inaccurate figures on modern slavery claims last year.

Freedom United supporters, together with After Exploitation and Anti-Slavery International, wrote to the UK’s independent newspaper regulator IPSO requesting a correction be issued – and they listened! Read IPSO's ruling in full here. We won’t stand for poor reporting on modern slavery, particularly when the government seems intent on undermining trafficking survivors’ rights. It is vital that we set the record straight & demand accurate reporting on modern slavery. Sign the My Story, My Dignity pledge here.
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California's Governor Newsom waits until last moment to veto bill to protect migrant workers

Despite our best efforts, on September 27, 2022 Governor Newsom vetoed AB364, a bill to protect temporary migrant workers from exploitative work conditions by unscrupulous foreign labor contractors. Governor Newsom waited until his time had almost run out to veto AB364. That’s because we made an impact with our two years of advocacy. Thank you to the Freedom United community for signing the petition, for emailing and calling the Governor’s office and tweeting at the Governor to make your voice heard. We will continue to advocate for the protection of all temporary migrant workers from exploitation and forced labor. Read our full field report here.
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Global pressure builds on FIFA to remedy exploited migrant workers

Global pressure is building on FIFA to remedy exploited migrant workers tasked with bringing us the 2022 World Cup.

In November, ten European Football Associations responded to FIFA saying that human rights are universal and must be applied everywhere.

Our partners Be Slavery Free presented 5,700+ Freedom United signatures to the Australian Senate and Senator Thorpe referenced the action calling on Football Associations to pressure FIFA in her Senate speech which you can listen to here!

Thank you to the thousands of Freedom United supporters who kept this issue in the public eye during the World Cup. Now, let's keep demanding justice for migrant workers.

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