Survey results: What our supporters want from Freedom United in 2024 -

Survey results: What our supporters want from Freedom United in 2024

  • Published on
    January 24, 2024
  • Written by:
    Krysta Bisnauth
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    Anti-slavery activists
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We can’t wait to share the results of our 2023 supporter survey! Thanks to you, we now have a
clearer picture of how YOU want to see the Freedom United platform used in the fight against
modern slavery and what the Freedom United community finds most inspiring!

So, what modern slavery issues would you like to see Freedom United work on in 2024? What
were your suggestions for future events and campaigns? When it comes to addressing modern
slavery, what is most helpful to you?

Explore the survey results to find out!


Freedom United will soon be 7 years old! How long have you known Freedom United?

We found out that most of our community has known us for over 3 years! That shows once you
get to know us, you like us, and that makes our hearts happy!

How long have you known Freedom United

About a year or less: 10% 

A couple of years: 37% 

3 or more years: 52% 


When it comes to addressing modern slavery, what do you prefer?  

You told us staying informed about the issues was the MOST important part of what we do, followed by having actions to take once you get informed. That makes sense But over 40% of you prioritized information you can share easily with others OVER online events and discussions. Interesting

Staying informed about the issues: 49% 

Having actions I can take to call for change: 42% 

Attending discussion/online events with experts to build my understanding: 3% 

Having information I can share with others: 4% 


We host and publish different live debates periodically. In 2024 should we organize more? 

Reflecting on your responses to the last question, most of you didn’t mind either way if we did or didn’t have more online events and discussions. Some of you commented that time zones and language barriers keep you from attending. We will give that some thought! 

Yes 16% 

No 5% 

I don’t mind either way 56% 

I wasn’t aware you did online events! 23% 


If you have not attended any of our online events, what might attract you to join? 

We obviously wish you could ALL attend our events since we pick topics we think are important to learn about, and we aim to make attending as easy as possible. A lot of you said you would attend if you had more time, we get that, but sadly we can’t make that happen. However, some of your responses DID give us ideas for how to improve our events to make it possible for MORE of you all to attend: 

  • “More diverse and accessible times.” Carolyn, Australia 
  • “Taking account of shift work times in event timing.” Robert, United Kingdom
  • “Advertising on Eventbrite.” Jade, United Kingdom
  • “More reminders. I tend to forget the date and time.” Marilie, South Africa
  • “Survivors talking about their experiences.” Anonymous 
  • “Being reminded an hour or two beforehand.” Stephen, United Kingdom


Are you aware that Human Trafficking Search joined Freedom United? 

75% of you said you didn’t know about our new “family member” Human Trafficking Search! HTS is a free global database all on modern slavery that we brought into the Freedom United fold in June 2023. If you haven’t checked out the resources on their site, you should! Pick the modern slavery issue you feel most passionate about and type it into the search bar. We bet you’ll learn something new!  

Yes: 21% 

Yes, and I have visited the site: 3% 

No, I haven’t heard of Human Trafficking Search: 75%


In your opinion, what is the best thing Freedom United does? 

So many of you shared that what we do best is keep you informed about the issues and then provide actions you can take to demand change and that’s great as that is exactly who we want to be! We wish we could share ALL of the amazing responses but here are a few key take-aways: 

  • “It’s a platform that allows people to make a difference and facilitates involvement.” Sarah, Australia 
  • “Informing people regularly about the different forms of slavery and the countries where they take place – sometimes surprising.” Dorothée, France
  • “Providing regular updates on trafficking issues throughout the world with excellent research that is documented and then informing the community with options to take action.” Kristin, Australia
  • “Reminding the world slavery and subjugation are widespread and everywhere!” Stephen, United Kingdom


Which of the following modern slavery issues would you like to see Freedom United work on in 2024?

The majority of you felt that “Putting people before profit” was the most important issue to work on in 2024, followed by “Protecting all children from exploitative labor”. That’s great to know as we map out our activities for the year. Many of you said you couldn’t choose, and we get that. We promise to keep working against modern slavery wherever it is found, no matter what our focus is for the year.  


Putting people before profit everywhere by pushing through laws that require companies to respect human rights in their supply chains: 57% 

Modifying the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution so it no longer allows slavery as a punishment for crime: 5% 

Protecting all children from exploitative labor through fair and robust child labor laws: 30% 

Other: 7% 


  • “Educational materials for people who are vulnerable to slavery and human trafficking, such as potential economic migrants.” Amy, New Zealand
  • “The above are all interconnected, with the ultimate goal of protecting children and adults from exploitation.” Jan, Canada
  • “I honestly can’t decide as they are all important to me. I trust Freedom United to make the right choices. Whatever you choose, I will support you!” Zee, Netherlands


Do you receive our weekly News Digest every Sunday and if so, how satisfied are you? 

We’re pleased 61% of you got our News Digest and rated your satisfaction 4.2 stars. And while that’s a good score, we’re aiming for 5 stars, so your response tells us there is some room for improvement.  

Aside from the News Digest, how often would you like to receive emails from us? 

We’ll have to think about this one; most responses were evenly spread across the preferences, but we were glad no one picked “never!”  

Once a week: 27% 

Once a month: 22% 

Once a quarter: 3% 

Whenever there are new developments: 25% 

The current amount is about right: 23% 

Never: 0.00% 


What encourages you to share campaigns or information from Freedom United with a friend, family member or colleague? 

Sharing campaigns and information strengthens the call for change, so we want to make it as easy for you to share as possible.  

The campaign is important to me: 55% 

The content is on trend and engaging: 11% 

I don’t really share things: 26% 


Do you follow Freedom United on any of our social channels? (select all that apply) 

We were surprised to see 78% of you don’t follow us on any of our social channels! We know that social media has immense power to effect change and that decision makers pay attention to what’s popular and what’s not across various platforms. We’ll see if we can continue the conversation about joining us on social media to help us build more awareness of modern slavery. In the meantime, we’re on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and even TikTok

None: 78% 

Facebook: 14% 

LinkedIn: 3% 

Twitter/X: 5% 

Instagram: 4% 

YouTube: 4% 

TikTok: 0.09% 


Might you financially support Freedom United in 2024? 

30% of you said you had financially supported Freedom United in the past. Thank you for your support! As you know, we’re 100% funded by donations like yours and wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without you!  

Yes: 30% 

No: 70% 


If you actively support other organizations, is there anything you think we could learn from them?  

The variety of responses here is helpful in pointing us towards where we could improve in 2024, thanks for the advice! 

  • “Give news about how long-term projects are going/show the progress made.” Sarah, Australia 
  • “Get slavery issues into media stories, tv news etc.” Des, Canada
  • “Sometimes I have problems with the language because English is my second language. In the future maybe FU can use a translation tool to change to other languages.” Beauty, Indonesia


Do you have any suggestions for future events and campaigns? 

Some good ideas were shared here, more than we can tackle. But some of them we might be able to take a stab at with our small but mighty team 

  • “Build a library of videos about the history of slavery, both documentaries and films and the struggle for freedom.” Steve, Philippines
  • “With mass migration of people seeking safety because of war, poverty and climate change it would be helpful to have a world map of what is happening in each country and where people are fleeing to. This could be linked in with exploitation of people and laws in receiving countries In Australia there has been trafficking for sex trade and for work exploitation.” Kirstin, Australia
  • “How predatory lending forces people into modern slavery; How virtually enforced poverty in a market economy does the same; how these are connected.” Steve, Thailand


Anything else you would like to tell us?   

Many of your responses here made our hearts so happy! 

  • “Thank you for continuing to inspire and make a difference!” Philip, Bulgaria
  • “No, you are doing a great job in challenging times for all people and certainly for charities.” Anonymous
  • “I dearly wish I had the resources to support what you do to end modern day slavery. I’m grateful for the opportunity to add my voice to your campaigns. That slavery exists…beyond comprehension.” John, India 


A HUGE thank you to the Freedom United community for sharing your input to help guide Freedom United’s campaign priorities in 2024. 

What you shared with us will help us do our best to ensure Freedom United serves you, and the wider anti-modern slavery movement, in the coming year. 

If you have any further input or questions, please email us at [email protected]

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4 months ago

just keep up doing what you do: a good job! Thank you ❣

4 months ago

Thank you for these results – very enlightening and encouraging.

4 months ago

Dear Team Freedom Fund

Thank You For chose this important and interesting topic .As an for African modern slevery creates a multi dimensional problems.So it is batter if your organization intervention include financial support for renternee that Will Help Them For Incame Generation .

Thank You!

4 months ago

I love the results summary. Thank you for working on putting this together!

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