Slavery Footprint. How Many Slaves Work for You?


The Slavery Footprint is is a survey created by Made In A Free World

A user can enter online answers to questions about their lifestyles, consumer history, and spending habits.  The result answers the question: “How Many Slaves Work For You?” The survey generates a graphical footprint, which shows the user what their participation is in modern day slavery based on how much forced labor or child labor is used for the items they purchase and/or consume.

The founder and CEO of Made In A Free World initiated the Slavery Footprint. Hundreds of consumer products were studied, and it was determined how slaves were used in each item’s production.  In the end, those who participate in the survey can see the possible number of slaves required in order to maintain their current lifestyle. The purpose of the tool is to raise awareness.

From the Made in a Free World Website:  We believe in using the free market to free people. At its core, the Slavery Footprint website allows consumers to visualize how their consumption habits are connected to modern-day slavery. Through our “Free World” mobile app and online action center, we provide consumers an outlet to voice their demand for things made without slave labor. We are collectively raising our voices so we can work with companies to manufacture our stuff “Made in a Free World.”

To visit the website, click on the link below.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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