Indian Girl Jumps from 11th Floor to Escape Slavery -

Indian Girl Jumps from 11th Floor to Escape Slavery

  • Published on
    October 6, 2017
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    Child Slavery, Domestic Slavery
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A 13-year-old girl who had been held captive in domestic servitude by a 23-year-old woman in India jumped from the 11th floor of the apartment building in Faridabad. The child was caught in a bird net on the 10th floor and was rescued by residents.

The horrific story was reported by News 18 in India. The girl was from Bihar and reportedly had burns and injuries all over her body. Residents said they often heard cries from her flat. News 18 reported that she had been enslaved and tortured for two years by her captor.

“The victim has burn marks all over her back, she has bruises on her head and her hands have deep marks that appear old. The girl is extremely scared and is in a traumatic condition. Doctors say she has been starved for long,” said Rishi Kant, spokesperson of Shakti Vahini.

Police arrested the 23-year-old women, a student at a private university, for allegedly keeping a minor in captivity. Residents said she never allowed the young girl to leave the house and it looked like she had been starved for quite some time.

After learning about the incident, the Chairperson of the local Child Welfare Committee, is reported to have called for provisions of the law on bonded labor, child labor and juvenile justice to be invoked.


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Anne Selbitschka
Anne Selbitschka
6 years ago

I am so glad the girl did not die from her fall. May she be given a home, education
and the love of a family so she can BE a normal teen ager. My 13 yr. old grand
daughter is so happy going to school, playing soccer, helping her family around the
house and enjoying her friends. That’s what a 13 yr. old girl should be doing.

6 years ago

How on earth is this sort of behavior allowed in a modern world.
I really sickens me and I feel for the poor girl who tried to end her life.
I do hope she gets the help and support she needs.

Mary Daniel
6 years ago

Thank goodness this young girl had the courage to escape, even though she risked death! She probably preferred death to the abuse and starvation. I hope the court and judge convict the woman who enslaved the girl and that she gets the maximum punishment she deserves!

P. Melanie Vliet
6 years ago

Words fail me.

Aurobindo Mukerji
Aurobindo Mukerji
6 years ago

Who cares?? Is anybody listening?? The law enforcement agencies in India are subservient first to money and secondly to political manipulation and they are very satisfied and happy in such a compromising position. What is the punishment for such activities?? Who, will ensure a conviction? Have the Indian police ever managed a successful acceptable conviction within an acceptable time frame? Is there any sense of pride in one’s choicest profession?? Aurobindo Mukerji

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