Being Green is Cool, But Do You Know these Terms?


Being Green is totally cool.  But what do all those GREEN terms mean?  This article defines a list of them…

Fifteen are described.  For example, Green Beauty is a sweeping term that refers to the segment of the beauty industry that boosts all-natural ingredients from make-up to other beauty aids, avoiding chemicals and using plant ingredients.  One international company is called The Detox Market, and promises a selection of brands under one roof…


Plant-based products are derived from plants, using nourishing oils such as seabuckthorne, marula and argan. They are often scented with essential oils like lavender and wild rose;and might contain exfoliating ingredients like coffee and raw sugar. Toronto-based beauty brand Perk Naturals offers a line of scrubs for body and face, even a teeny pot of lip scrub using a sweet, scented variety of plant-based ingredients.

Vegan products contain no animal products, so for example non-leather leggings are vegan as they are made from synthetic fabric. Vegan beauty products are entirely plant-based, so a green facial scrub containing honey would not be considered vegan, but it would be plant-based. Boho chic brands like Anthropologie and Free Peoplecarry an enticing selection of vegan alternatives to conventional leather pieces, and beauty brands like Harvey Prince specialize in vegan fragrance and skincare.

Read the entire article to learn the meaning of Local, Cruelty-free, Freely-sourced, Wild-Crafted, Organic, Recyclable, Repurposing, 
Upcycling, Sustainable Practices, Ethicially-Sourced, Giving Back/One-For-One Model, and Eco-Chic.

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