A Survivor Speaks Out about Trafficking


RACINE —  Marian Hatcher told the group about her experiences surviving human trafficking.  And you could hear a pin drop.

“Yeah, I’ve been raped, beaten, kidnapped, missing for two years, but I’m here to give you the reality. The thread that makes this what it is.”  She was in Racine to give an educational presentation about human trafficking.  She actually serves as the coordinator regarding slavery for the Sheriff’s Office in Cook County, Illinois.  She continues: “I’m a convicted felon, but it hasn’t stopped me from being an employee with the Sheriff’s Office of Cook County. Do you know why? I’ve had 17 years in corporate America. I’ve had 5 promotions and 4 titles. I was educated before I was trafficked.”  Her goal was to educate her audience about how big a problem it is…one that requires awareness and education and advocacy.  She has spoken to the United Nations and President Carter’s Worl Summit to End Sexual Exploitation by 2025.


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