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Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

Human trafficking is when a person is brought into an exploitative situation through violence, force or deception. Though illegal in every country, girls, boys, women, and men are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation around the world.

Slavery in Conflict

The situation in Iraq and Syria is dismal for thousands of girls and women who have been forced into marriage and sexual slavery by ISIS. The UN has begun to view these acts war crimes, but it is crucial that it continues to make fighting slavery a priority. To push forward this notion, we launched a petition which garnered over 125,000 signatures.

In December 2016, the UN unanimously passed Security Council Resolution 2331, calling on member states to prevent, investigate and prosecute perpetrators of trafficking and slavery in conflict situations. Even with this victory, we continue to call for the appointment of a dedicated UN representative to take forward this work.

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You can also add your name to 212,000 others to petition the UN to refer ISIS’s crimes to the International Criminal Court.

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End Sexual Exploitation of Children in Kenya

With our partner, Child Aid Organization Kenya, we are calling on the Kenyan government to declare zero tolerance of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Sex offenders travel to Kenya specifically to exploit vulnerable children, and reports estimate more than 50,000 children are involved in commercial sexual exploitation. We have gathered over 150,000 signatures to ask the Kenyan Government to implement monitoring and enforcement against these crimes. Will you add your voice?

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Stop Violence Against Women in Argentina

Our partner ELA called on the National Council of Women in Argentina to commit to release a plan to help identify and give assistance to victims of gender-based violence, like trafficking for sexual exploitation. This National Action Plan was eventually released in October 2015, allowing organizations like ELA to use the guidelines in their work.

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Mobile Trafficking Exhibit in US

Our partner, Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), launched a first-of-its-kind mobile exhibit to educate members of the trucking industry about the realities of sex trafficking in the US. Along with our supporters, we raised $10,000 to help cover the expenses of moving the truck across the country.

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It’s a Penalty

The 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games were historic events in South America, but had the negative impact of increased risk of commercial child sexual exploitation.  We joined with partner Happy Child International Foundation to support the “It’s a Penalty” campaign to raise awareness of the issue.