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End sexual exploitation of children in Kenya

The last place you should expect to find a child is in a brothel; yet for 17-year-old Phoebe from Kenya, this is her life.1

Phoebe comes from a poor family. When she dropped out of school, she went in search of a better life – instead she has been forced to have group sex with tourists for no money.2

Reports indicate that more than 50,000 children are involved in different forms of commercial sexual exploitation.3 It is most common along the Kenyan Coast where the majority of tourism activities take place – in fact sex offenders travel to Kenya for this very reason: to prey on these vulnerable victims.4

No child should be forced into the commercial sex industry for their survival. We must ensure that these predators keep their hands off Kenya’s children.

Join us and Child Aid Organization Kenya in calling on the Kenyan government to declare zero tolerance of commercial sexual exploitation of children, backed by regular monitoring and law enforcement.

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john mascarenhas

what is president Kenyatta doing? attracting peadophiles to Kenya for their foreign exchange contribution? or is he the head of this group and provides them protection???

Haroun Risa

I’d like you to please check out my novel, Mombasa Raha, My Foot; a fictional novel aimed at raising awareness against sex tourism, child trafficking & paedophilia in Kenya.



Sudhir Pandit

Even an adult should not be a slave; to exploit children is cowardly and deserves harsh punishment

Ask the Kenyan government to protect children from commercial sexual exploitation

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Dear Hon. Phyllis Kandie, Cabinet Secretary – Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social Protection,

The heinous crime of commercial sexual exploitation of children is especially prevalent in large areas of the Kenyan tourism industry. The estimated numbers are too high and time has come for action.

Please demonstrate the Kenyan government’s zero tolerance for commercial sexual exploitation of children by:

• Enforcing the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism

• Directing all tour/taxi operators, small hotels, beach companies and private villa owners to sign a the Code of Conduct declaring that they will not carry or host unaccompanied children without proper identification.

• Facilitating inter-ministerial collaboration with relevant security agencies, especially the police, to ensure regular monitoring and law enforcement. This should be reflected in increased arrests and prosecution of offenders to serve as a deterrent to others.

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Our partner in this campaign:

Child Aid Organization Kenya

Child Aid Organization Kenya is a non-profit organization registered in Kenya in 2008. It operates at the national level in the areas of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (CSA), Children & Human Rights Training, and Advocacy work.
The purpose of the organization is to stop the sexual abuse of children in its entire forms: reduce societal tolerance of the sexual exploitation of children; prevent entry of children into exploitation in all its forms; effectively advocate for the creation of strong, enforceable legislative environments to protect children from sexual exploitation; and to ensure that children who are sexually exploited have access to a range of services that enhances their safety and wellbeing and supports exit from sexual exploitation.

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