Stop trafficking of women in Argentina -

Stop trafficking of women in Argentina


It may be hard to believe but 77,300 people are estimated to be trapped in modern slavery in Argentina,1 including women like Carolina.

Aged 23, Carolina2 was promised a career as an actress after losing her job at a supermarket in Colombia. Instead, when she arrived in Argentina, she found she had been tricked and was trafficked into sexual exploitation.

The Argentinian government says it has a National Action Plan that should help identify and give assistance to victims like Carolina, victims of gender-based violence. However the action plan has never been publicly released, despite the government receiving contributions from over 38,000 women.3

A strong plan should make it easier to enforce the governments existing Law on Violence against Women,4 including steps to identify victims, provide the assistance they need and outline measures to prevent gender-based violence and trafficking for sexual exploitation from happening in the first place.

The time has come to end violence against women in Argentina, including victims of trafficking. Call on Mariana Gras, President of the National Council on Women, to take urgent action now.


  2. The name was changed to preserve victim’s identity.
  3. Argentina reported this in its report to the MESECVI, the UN Beijing +20 report, the country report to the CEDAW Committee (January, 2013), the UN UPE (August, 2012). Also, in the report to UNDP-UN Women (2013).
  4. Law 26.485 of integral protection to prevent, sanction and eradicate violence against women, sanctioned in 2009.

Campaign updates

26 October 2015: CAMPAIGN WIN! The National Council on Women published the National Action Plan against gender-based violence, including trafficking for sexual exploitation on their website. 1 Now, organizations serving the needs of vulnerable women, like our partner ELA, will have the opportunity to critique and use the Plan in their work.   

01 September 2015: On 3 August, Mariana Gras, President of the National Council of Women, publicly committed to releasing the National Action Plan by early August.2 Unfortunately, the Plan has not been released. We urge the National Council on Women to follow through with their public commitment and immediately release the National Action Plan to help support victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation and other forms of violence.

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