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Everyone can do something (What will you do next?)


Congratulations! You made it! Today is the final day of our Freedom Fortnight journey this year. We’d like to say thank you for joining with us in giving the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking two weeks of time and attention. We’ve covered a lot of aspects of the problem, and (hopefully) you have a better understanding and know more ways you can take specific, meaningful steps to make a difference.

You may be feeling and thinking a lot of different things right now. While we’ve tried to keep things simple each day of Freedom Fortnight, you might be even more overwhelmed or have more questions now that you have a greater grasp of the issue. Fortunately, we can recommend a good resource for processing your reactions and figuring out your next steps forward. Tate’s book, Everyday Abolitionist, was written specifically to help people new to the global anti-slavery movement. We highly recommend it!

And, while yesterday, we encouraged you to focus and to join in with others, another way to overcome overwhelmed is to choose and take one next step at a time. Just as we can’t do it all, we can’t do it all at once! We know everyone can do something. What will you do next?

This short video about being a “guest artist” is an example of how stylists could get involved. We hope it inspires you to believe everyone can do something and to think about the something you can do.

Today’s challenge is simple. We ask that you commit to continuing your journey as a modern-day abolitionist, learning and taking action. Do you have a question you want to find the answer to? A conversation you will have with someone? What is one next step you will take? Share your question or your next step in the comments below. Here are a few ideas to continue learning and taking action:

  • Volunteer with a non-profit
  • Read the Amazon Best Selling book, Everyday Abolitionist by Tate
  • Learn more in depth by signing up for the online course by Freedom United and the University of Nottingham
  • Register for Freecember (a way to fundraise for any anti-trafficking non-profit)
  • Commit to giving monthly to a non-profit, such as Freedom United, for the next 12 months.
  • Something else you’re inspired to do in your role at work, at home, in your community

Thank you so much for participating in Freedom Fortnight! We hope that you feel more informed – and more empowered – to tackle this issue and continue walking with us in the movement to end modern slavery. We look forward to hearing what you’ll do next.

(P.S. Look out for one final Freedom Fortnight email soon with a personal message from Tate and two ways you can help.)

Comment below on one of these three: 1) What’s been your favorite part of Freedom Fortnight? 2) What’s one question you have at this point? 3) What will you do next?

Don’t forget to let us know you’ve taken action by clicking or tapping the ACCEPT CHALLENGE button on this page. If you missed any of our previous Freedom Fortnight challenges you can still take action here.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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Samuel Gracida
Samuel Gracida

1) My favorite part was that there were many actions we could take to fight modern slavery! 2) I don’t really have a pressing question! 3) I will keep on working on my list of actions I can take to fight modern slavery.


I offer pro bono translator services for modern-day abolitionist organisations and other human rights groups.


This was such a great campaign to be a part of. I plan to make more of an effort to educate myself on human trafficking efforts both locally and internationally on a weekly basis. I have signed up as a participant for a local benefit in the upcoming month, and I hope to be able to use that experience and knowledge to better my own community and help those around me become more aware of human trafficking as a serious issue.


Thank you so much for this campaign. It was wonderful to be presented with several bite-sized ways to fight modern slavery. Keep up the good work!

Anupam Sharma
Anupam Sharma

1) I try my best already as a non profit volunteer.
2) I will encourage people world around to abolish slavery.
3)Teaching new things and make the minds to think broad will surely make a benchark.


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