Sustaining the fight against modern slavery & human trafficking -

Sustaining the fight against modern slavery & human trafficking

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Watch the video to see one way people are using their time, talent and other resources to support organizations working in the anti-slavery space. Today’s challenge is to find a way to help a non-profit focused on an aspect you care about, in a place you care about, doing work you believe in, whether by fundraising for them or in another way. We are more powerful when we focus, together.

We’ve spent nearly two weeks now learning about various aspects of modern slavery and human trafficking. In many ways, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the scope and pervasiveness of the problem.

Hopefully, you are feeling encouraged by people, movements, organizations and businesses making a difference and making progress. Hopefully, you’ve taken many actions, finding things you can do to make a difference. You might be feeling like there is so much to do, how can I do it all? The truth is, you can’t. That’s why today is about two words: focus & together.

You might think of Freedom Fortnight as a flashlight shining light in a room. Some parts of the room are dark and a little scary. There are yucky things and hidden things in some parts of the room. There are bright lights already shining in many. A flashlight is good for helping you  see in the darkness, but a focused light, like a laser is more powerful and can even be used to cut through metal or cut out cancer.

Like a laser, you will make a stronger impact if you focus. What is one topic or aspect that you have found most meaningful to you? Is there a place you care about seeing freedom from slavery grow? If one laser is powerful, how about a bunch all focused together?! When we work together with others who are also focusing, our efforts are multiplied!

Are there others who care about the place or aspect you care about? Is there a non-profit you can help with your skills, expertise, with a monthly donation or by fundraising for them? (You might refer back to the Modern Slavery Directory, do an internet or social media search, talk with friends or get more involved with the non-profit you heard about Freedom Fortnight from.)

Experts estimate that modern slavery generates $150 billion in illegal profits each year. Combating a problem with that much money fueling it will require sustained, long-term effort from NGOs and non-profit organizations committed to the fight. Fundraising is – and will continue to be – a critical part of the movement to end modern slavery.

(One idea for a simple way you can start today: If you’re not sure where to begin, invite one person to give an hour’s wage to Yazda by sharing what’s on the Day 8 page. It can be helpful when you invite others to give to 1) have given yourself and 2) share one or two reasons why you’re fundraising for them.)

Have you helped a non-profit? In the comments, discuss creative ideas for supporting non-profits. For example: specific ways to volunteer or fundraise, such as a lemonade stand, a birthday fundraiser on Facebook, or running a 5k for freedom.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.


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6 years ago

So far my actions have been focused on raising awareness — through blog and social media posts, participating in the Red Sand project, and occasional anti-slavery chocolate parties (inspired by an idea from Stop the Traffick several years ago). What I will do beyond that remains to be seen.

Samuel Gracida
Samuel Gracida
6 years ago

I did a fundraiser on Facebook and fundraised $300 for Freedom United!

Hans Potters
Hans Potters
6 years ago

Slavery is the consequence of making money from money without contributing in labour to the real economy. Stop the money economy and turn to real economy. Non-profit:

6 years ago


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I will offer to help a non-profit using my time, talents or abilities.

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