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Welcome to Freedom Fortnight

Day 1: Watch This Video And Share

Welcome to Freedom Fortnight—14 days of learning and acting against modern slavery! Over the next two weeks, we will equip you with the knowledge you need and offer you concrete ways to take action against this global problem. You’re joining thousands of other supporters globally by learning about slavery itself and what organizations, businesses and (extra)ordinary people are doing to tackle it. You’ll also advocate to businesses and governments, educate your community, and fundraise for stellar NGOs that do the critical work of liberation on the ground. Imagine the power we have together!

To make sure we’re all on the same page, watch this primer on global modern slavery from expert Kevin Bales. Then share the video on social media or by email using the icons below, and encourage your friends to participate by using the hashtag #freedomfortnight. Sharing is important because everyone needs to have that moment of enlightenment before they can move on to committing to the cause. (Even Kevin himself had that ‘ah ha’ moment, which he discusses in the video.) By sharing, you’re building the movement to fight contemporary slavery.

When you’re done sharing, tell us in the comments/discussion why you’re participating in Freedom Fortnight. You can also include this in your social media post with the video!

PS – Don’t forget to tell us you took action!

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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I volunteer in a fair trade store and have done so for many years.

Elena Laura

I watched the video and shared it on Facebook… I hope people can donate some minutes of their time to give a contribution for a better world without slavery. I still trust in humanity! <3


This is heartbreaking.. but, not at all shocking. I am proud to be a part of this movement


My friends are all converts, and I won’t use capitalist social media, but I do explain why I won’t buy chocolate from fundraisers. I probably won’t bother with the hassle of posting as an independent again, and this contrast level is hurting my eyes. Twenty years ago, we couldn’t do any better, but this is absurd.

Ana Ane
Ana Ane

I watched the video and shared it with my friends on Facebook. I hope that many of them will join in the fight against modern slavery in Freedom Fortnight action. I did it ..

Watch and Share

I will share this page with others and explain why I’m joining Freedom Fortnight.

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