Mobilizing the authorities to recognize & help victims -

Mobilizing the authorities to recognize & help victims

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We’ve spent a few days focusing on aspects of modern slavery happening at the end of supply chains for products you consume. But what about situations that could be happening at the end of your street?

It’s scary to think that human trafficking might be happening right in your neighborhood – or near your workplace. The statistics show it’s very possible, but that also means you’re in a position to make a difference.

Human traffickers are experts at going unseen, but they also count on people being too busy, distracted or unaware to pay attention to the signs. If you know what to look for, you could be in a position to report a potential victim. The video above shows some of the signs which service workers who enter private homes might spot, and how easy it can be to miss them. The UK government has some excellent resources to help recognize the most common indicators, as well.

Today’s challenge is to help get more eyes on the problem in your local area. If you can, download and print the flyer with the appropriate hotline number and post it in your workplace or neighborhood. (If you can’t print a poster, share the video or have a conversation with someone about how to keep an eye out for signs of slavery and trafficking)

US Human Trafficking Hotline Flyers

UK Modern Slavery Helpline Posters

In the comments, discuss how different jobs (including yours!) might be in a unique position to spot the signs.

Don’t forget to let us know you will take action by clicking or tapping the ACCEPT CHALLENGE button on this page. If you missed any of our previous Freedom Fortnight challenges you can still take action here.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.


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Chat Guntern
5 years ago

I grew up under segregation. That was pretty close to slavery. So, YES, we have to stop this horrific abuse of our fellow human beings.

5 years ago

NO long time ago, i was working in the streets, i saw many kids, but they have family, not slaves but in a very difficult sitation, i’like to tell more, but it will b extensive..


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I will download, print and post an appropriate flyer to help people spot and report modern slavery in my workplace or neighborhood.

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