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November 29, 2018: Today the Modern Slavery Bill became the Modern Slavery Act passing into law! Our partners in Australia have a message for the Freedom United community: The petition made a huge difference and was quoted by Senator Singh in her speech. Whilst we didn’t get everything we asked, it is the strongest national law against modern slavery in the world!

No Penalty, No Progress: Urge Australia to make big business take action

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We know all too well that many workers in Asia endure forced labor to bring us the garments, foods, electronics and other goods we enjoy.

The good news is Australia is taking steps towards creating new modern slavery laws that could improve protections for vulnerable workers worldwide and we need your help to make it happen.  

Though a national law, its reach — like the supply chains of many companies — will go far beyond Australia’s borders and has the opportunity to improve the lives of people in forced labor. This is especially true in the Asia Pacific region, where nearly half of all Australia’s goods come from, and where an estimated 30 million people are living in slavery.1

How could this new law impact modern slavery globally? If Australia proposes a strong and robust Modern Slavery Act that sets new global standards in protecting victims and holding businesses accountable, other nations will have a higher bar to follow — resulting in better protections for victims and survivors both regionally and all over the world.

We must call on Australia to leverage its buying power and improve the lives of vulnerable workers by proposing a strong modern slavery law.

We campaigned alongside politicians, nonprofit organizations, faith leaders and anti-slavery activists in 2014 to ensure the UK created a Modern Slavery Act that included company reporting.2 We won then and we can do it again!

Sadly, the UK law does not include government purchases or make companies take action to fix problems, nor does it penalize companies that don’t comply.

Australia is looking to model its law after the UK, which risks it being weak, and we don’t want this to be a missed opportunity to help protect more victims and abolish modern slavery.

Join us in calling on Australia to be a global and regional leader in the fight against modern slavery.

  • November 29, 2018: Today the Modern Slavery Bill became the Modern Slavery Act passing into law! Our partners in Australia have a message for the Freedom United community: The petition made a huge difference and was quoted by Senator Singh in her speech. Whilst we didn’t get everything we asked, it is the strongest national law against modern slavery in the world!

  • November 15, 2018: Our partners at Stop The Traffik this week handed in tens of thousands of our names to Senator Linda Reynolds and Senator Penny Wong, who mentioned us and our petition in the Australian Senate!

  • November 1, 2018: Time is almost out! The Australian government has committed to passing the Modern Slavery Bill by the end of the year. As it passes through Parliament we are working to make sure it is strong enough to hold businesses to account. Read our joint submission here.

  • June 28, 2018: Australia’s Modern Slavery Bill is introduced to Parliament! We welcome this first step, particularly the inclusion of public procurement. However, some of our key asks, including an Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, are missing from this draft. As the Bill passes through Parliament we will support efforts to ensure the Australian Modern Slavery Act is strong and effective.

  • February 14, 2018: Our partner, Stop the Traffik, presented Alex Hawke, the Assistant Minister of Home Affairs, with 40,100 Freedom United supporter signatures. He has since set out a timetable, committing to introducing a draft by June 30, with a view to passing a Modern Slavery Act by the end of the year. Click here to view photo.

  • December 2017: Our partner, Stop the Traffik, handed in 22,000+ signatures collected by Freedom United to the Australian government’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade during their inquiry on modern slavery. The Committee’s subsequent inquiry report called for the implementation of a robust Modern Slavery Act in Australia, with recommendations that lined up with the asks in our campaign. Click here to read the report.

Oct 17, 2017 Campaign Launches

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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Mr Greer Hart

All countries have had exploitation of parts of their population. Scotland, my country, once enslaved people in medieval coal mines, and made them wear slave collars. Turkmenistan is obviously a place where an elite has created a great gulf between themselves and the poorer and struggling part of the population. Cotton growing was never quite profitable without specialised machinery or with slave labour. To sweat it out in Central Asian heat is cruel, when forced to do so.


Indiscribable how some of our fellow humans behave. We all were children. Thank god my parents loved me so much. My prayers are hoping beyond hope.

Janice Stewart

We need to get this stopped and now, please do something to stop it, it disgusts me how they treat those beautiful decent people trying to make another life for themselves, they promise them everything then treat them like scum, men have been jailed already in Britain for it , it happened in my country the way they treated that poor man was digusting a pig didnt even deserve to be treated like that , come on listen to the people that desperately want this stopped everywhere, please everybody.

James Pellatt-Shand
James Pellatt-Shand

I am not Australian, but I am a humanitarian. I urge the government to shine a light and change the law and make the lives of millions of exploited people better z

B Gilman
B Gilman

I am British with Australian relatives and I heartily agree with the above comment. Unfortunately Britain is also not guiltless in this regard, though a number of companies have pledged to eliminate slavery from their supply chains. It remains to be seen if these promises will be honoured.

Akvilina Meiliunas
Akvilina Meiliunas

The poor are used for slave labour, and this injustice must be stopped. We cannot disregard these practises, and slavery laws must be put in place asap, and ensured they are adhered to. If not, measured should be implemented to put a stop to this exploitation. We are all human and should be shown respect.

Tell your Senator to support a strong Modern Slavery Act

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Dear [insert name of Senator],

 I call on you to support the amendments to the Modern Slavery Bill to drive corporate compliance with Part 2 of the Bill, modern slavery statements.

The lack of penalties in the Modern Slavery Act in the UK and no government assessment of reports has resulted in less than a fifth of companies complying with all the requirements of the Act. 40% have not even produced a statement.

This is a crucial opportunity to ensure Australia leverages its corporate clout to help end modern slavery.   

Yours sincerely,

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