Field report: Nursing Education for At-Risk Women (India)


To provide the first year of funding to As Our Own, so that three Indian girls can attend college nursing school.  


In India, education is critical for breaking out of the cycle of exploitation.  Without it, an average worker will make less than $2 a day. Most girls in India never get the chance to step foot inside a classroom, particularly at the secondary or college level. This lack of education leaves them vulnerable to traffickers who promise jobs and a better life, which never actually materialize.  As Our Own works in India to identify vulnerable children, protect them from predators, and help them achieve their full potential. 


Thanks to donations from our supporters and one generous matching sponsor, Helmer Scientific, As Our Own received the first year of funding for those three Indian girls to attend college.  With a college degree, these girls will have the opportunity to earn a living to pull them out of poverty, preventing them and their future children from being exploited.


Education creates a sustainable solution to the multi-generational cycle of poverty and enslavement. 

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As Our Own

As Our Own has a vision to transform the way the world cares for vulnerable children. Their model for change includes a three-prong strategy to help achieve this. They care for children by providing a lifelong family, and high quality education through college to empower them to reach their full potential. They train leaders and caregivers, and they replicate their model by empowering, mentoring, and equipping other organizations to elevate the quality of care in their group homes so they may also achieve great results.