Field report: Job Training for At-Risk Individuals (USA)


Working with Not For Sale, to provide two at-risk individuals with pivotal job readiness training in San Francisco.


Not For Sale operates in countries all over the world, and is certainly not blind to the prevalence of human trafficking in its hometown of San Francisco. In fact, 43% of California’s trafficking occurs in the San Francisco Bay Area, a city that is also home to the fastest growing wealth gap in the nation. These two factors create a dangerous cycle of poverty and exploitation, trapping many individuals that lack the necessary skills to find and maintain employment. Not For Sale wants to disrupt this cycle of trafficking by connecting at-risk women and men with relevant work opportunities. 


Thanks to donations from our supporters and one generous matching sponsor, Playing Grownup, two at-risk individuals have been funded to go through the job readiness program. The amount raised is covering the costs of job skills training, case management services, living wage stipends, support groups, transportation, and interview attire. As of April 2015, both individuals have graduated from the Not For Sale job readiness program and are equipped to secure permanent jobs in San Francisco.


Through Not For Sale’s trauma-informed job readiness program, each trainee receives four weeks of instruction on a variety of skills including resume building, budgeting, application writing, interview skills, and more.  

Our partner in this campaign:

Not For Sale

Slavery is alive and thriving. Not For Sale is a non-profit organization empowering modern-day slaves and those at risk around the world to lives of freedom. Through projects in 4 countries and more than 600 supply chain grades available for consumers and brands alike, Not For Sale is creating a world where no one is for sale.