Field report: Child Slavery in Chocolate Supply Chains

Warner Brother’s highly popular brand of Harry Potter chocolates are now Fairtrade or Utz certified. How that happened is a remarkable story. Millions of Harry Potter fans buy products inspired by the series – including a line of chocolate frogs.


Cocoa is often produced using child slavery. But tracing the supply chain can be difficult. Warner Bros. supplier, Behr’s Chocolates, got a failing grade (1 out of 48) for ensuring their chocolate was slavery-free.


Working with the Harry Potter Alliance, we launched a campaign to make consumers aware and ask Warner Bros. to take action. We collected 400,000 petition signatures. Supporters took to social media, leaving 50,000 reviews and comments raising their concerns.


Warner Bros. listened to our supporters and dramatically changed how they do things. Now, consumers can enjoy Harry Potter chocolate frogs knowing that the cocoa used is Utz certified.

This is just one example of how change can happen. Partners give information and direction. Freedom United rallies supporters to raise awareness and show support. Businesses listen and step up their efforts.

Together, we decide “to do what is right, instead of what is easy.” And we all move one step closer to a world without slavery.

Our partner in this campaign:

Harry Potter Alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance is a Dumbledore’s Army for the real world. They change the world by empowering fans to become the heroes they read about. Since 2005, the HPA has sent five cargo planes full of supplies to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, stocked libraries and communities from Brooklyn to Rwanda, registered 5,000 young people to vote, and worked with Walk Free to get Warner Bros. to ensure that its chocolate frog chocolate is fair trade certified. They have over 200 local chapters around the world and 100,000 members.