Women Rising Radio Interviews Joanna Ewart-James


WOMEN RISING RADIO recently interviewed Joanna Ewart-James, the Director of Impact at Walk Free, about “Battling Slavery, Trafficking and Forced Labor”…

According to their website, Women Rising Radio profiles women in leadership across the world for peace, ecology, civil society and women’s, children’s and human rights. We invite you to get to know all these women, and to educate yourself to the issues they are struggling to resolve. We also invite you to take a journey of self-discovery, so that you can consider who you are, what issues are most important to you personally, and how you personally want to work on those issues in this world.

Their Gallery page provides many hours of content as it shines a spotlight on women who tell their stories about working to resolve human rights issues–activists, photojournalists, artists, printmakers, muralists, writers, singers, performers, film makers, and authors.  The Gallery encourages women to submit: “This is YOUR PAGE, we want you to post here.”

To listen to the interview with Joanna Ewart-James, click on the link below.



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