Trafficking Survivors Need Counseling


Anti-slavery activists are calling for an increase in research and funding to treat the mental health needs of slavery survivors …

Experiencing slavery can make survivors even more vulnerable to being exploited again, experts say.  But little is being done to research ways to help them rebuild their lives. Nick Grono from the Freedom Fund, commissioned the report.  He says, “We know that addressing the mental health needs of survivors is critical to halting generational cycles of violence and exploitation.”

The report by the Helen Bamber Foundation, stresses that survivors often suffer mental health issues that includes PTSD and depression. The organization’s medical director, Cornelius Katona, explains, “Rather than learning from what has happened, and thereby being less likely to be exploited again, in fact the opposite happens.  Exploitation begets further exploitation … There is a self-perpetuating cycle that needs to be broken.


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