SXSW Interactive Austin 2016


At SXSW in Austin, Human Rights First will put the spotlight on human trafficking.  It will begin with a panel called How to Fight Modern Slavery with Data Analysis

Human trafficking is a huge $150 billion business that has enslaved over 20 million people globally.  It is very difficult to track down evidence regarding this crime.

Many of its victims hide in plain sight—but hard evidence of trafficking can be difficult to pin down. The key to bankrupting this business may be buried online, hiding amongst the data captured by many companies every day. In this session, experts will discuss how they have discovered small indicators lurking in big data to help identify human traffickers and how tech firms, financial companies, and law enforcement can work together to bring them to justice.

The panel will be conducted by Human Rights First’s Elisa Massimino.  Those participating includes…

  • Courtney Bowman, Privacy & Civil Liberties Engineer at Palantir
  • Jacqueline Molnar, SVP/Chief Compliance Officer at Western Union
  • John Temple, Chief of the Human Trafficking Response Unit, New York County District Attorney’s Office

HRF is a co-sponsor of the Red Sand Project, an inspirational installation that will provoke onlookers to question, connect, and take action against human trafficking. 

To read the entire article, click on the link below.

View Article on Human Rights First

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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