Some Modern Slavery Victims Find Joy in Belly Dancing

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Belly dancing?  That may strike some readers as a surprise. But in this article in the Independent today, we learn that trauma causes some to feel disconnected from their bodies, and they may also have flashbacks. In fact, some researchers say victims may not be able to feel parts of their bodies.

“The inherent power in belly dance is that it is ultimately a dance rooted in groundedness and awareness of the body. Then there is the sensual element. Kent-based Company of Dreams has already had success in helping cancer sufferers come to terms with their bodies again.”

Charlotte Desorgher is the founder of Company of Dreams: “Typically with chemotherapy, a woman will lose her hair, and if she has breast cancer, she may have lost her breasts as well.”

“Rather than being a body that’s prodded and poked for medical reasons, the sensuality of belly dance reconnects a woman to that identity.”  The classes are offered free to victims.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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