Mexican Migrants Seeking Cross-border Justice


Many migrant workers do not realize that they have legal recourse for having been treated unfairly as laborers…

Miguel is a lawyer who advocates for such workers.  Miguel goes into small towns and looks for people who went to America with a guest visas in the past.  He tells them that they might be able to join a lawsuit that would net them thousands of dollars in payroll they never received.   Miguel’s work is often uphill.  He says: “Sometimes I feel like an ant trying to strangle an elephant, but I think that the more people that do this, that try to help, the bigger difference we could make.” He carries with him long lists of worker’s names who are eligible and he pursues them one-by-one.  For many years, foreigners have come to the US with guest visas to do manual labor in fields, orchards, restaurants, etc.  Miguel wants them to know they now have recourse if they were not treated fairly.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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