India Holds World's Biggest March to Protect Children

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According to Reuters, thousands of activists came together in southern India on Monday.  The event they were attending may well be the world’s most massive march against trafficking and sexual abuse of children.  Estimates of these sorts of crimes are rising.

“Organised by Nobel Laureate and child rights activist Kailash Satyarthi, over 10 million people from across India are due to take part in the month-long “Bharat Yatra” – or India March – which will end in the capital New Delhi on Oct. 16.”

At the beginning of the march in the most southern coastal city of Kanyakumari, Satyarthi told the crowds that it is time to shatter the silence around such crimes.

He added, “The sun rises every morning. But today this morning is different and this sun is different. Today this sun rises to dispel the darkness of fear, hopelessness and shame faced by our children. Today we march to end this.”

Continuing, he emphasized, “India is known for a country where children are being raped, where children are being sold. They are not safe in their schools, they are not safe even in their homes. If one child is in danger, then it means that the whole of India is danger.”

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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