Funding in Omnibus Package to Fight Trafficking


Funding in Omnibus to fight trafficking. The recent spending package includes $25 million targeted at fighting human trafficking.  Human Rights First praised the fund  which will help the End Modern Slavery Initiative…

It is possible that a $1.5 billion fund could be created that would increase law enforcement needed to reduce the incidence of modern slavery. That fund will begin with the U.S. government’s commitment of $250 million. Annick Febrey from Human Rights First, said, “Resources currently at work to combat modern slavery are alarmingly low. The inclusion of this funding in the omnibus package is an important first step toward providing adequate global resources to combat this human rights problem.”  Trafficking is driven by profit.  The International Labour Organization believes that 21 million people are enslaved around the world.

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Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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