Traidcraft Exchange are Asking: Who Picked My Tea? -
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January 30, 2019: Well done, Unilever! The company behind some of our best-loved tea brands has published a full list of their tea suppliers in Assam. Now you can enjoy your cup of Lipton or PG Tips knowing who picked your tea.

Traidcraft Exchange are Asking: Who Picked My Tea?

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What tea brand do you drink? Did you know that many tea blends include tea from Assam, where people get poverty wages, are scared to speak up and have no way out. We launched this campaign to call on six big brands to publish a list of the list of the plantations in Assam they are sourcing from.  One of which is the company behind Lipton, probably the world’s best-known tea brand, PG Tips and Tazo – Unilever.

People like Maloti (pictured above) work long hours in the tea gardens carrying heavy loads, often without proper equipment or even shoes.  Workers are paid just £1.50 a day, and the services the estates are supposed to provide – like housing, clinics and schools – are often poor quality or even non-existent.

“They don’t repair the houses. We register complaints to the management, they note it down, but that remains in the register, they give no importance.”

These appalling conditions leave workers vulnerable to trafficking as they seek better opportunities for their children. Girls fall victim to the ‘Tea Maid Trade’, duped into domestic servitude and sexual slavery.1 The situation is well-known to the tea industry, which has been buying tea from Assam for years. Unilever (Lipton and PG Tips) has the power to challenge Assam tea estate owners and improve their own buying practices.

Since launching, Yorkshire Tea, Twinings, Tata (Tetley), Clipper and now Unilever (PG Tips and Lipton) have all stepped up and published full lists of their tea suppliers in Assam making transparency the norm. As a major global company responsible for bringing us some of our most-loved tea brands, they are helping us know, who picked my tea?

That’s why we are joining Traidcraft Exchange in calling on Unilever to do the right thing and step up on behalf of people like Maloti. Four major brands have listened to our call and now we are calling on Typhoo to join them.

So please add your voice and ask Typhoo: “Who picked my tea?”

  • January 30, 2019: Well done, Unilever! The company behind some of our best-loved tea brands has published a full list of their tea suppliers in Assam. Now you can enjoy your cup of Lipton or PG Tips knowing who picked your tea.

  • November 15, 2018: Clipper becomes the fourth tea company to publish a full list of its tea suppliers in Assam – only two more tea companies to go! Want to know more? Read how UK companies can help break the cycle of poverty wages on Assam’s tea plantations here.

  • November 2, 2018: Tetley becomes the third big tea company to publish a list of its suppliers! Tetley is the world’s second largest tea company so we hope their decision to increase transparency in their supply chain will encourage others to do the same.

  • August 13, 2018: Great news! Twinings has joined Yorkshire Tea and published a full list of their suppliers from Assam. You can take a look at their sourcing map here. Together Twinings and Yorkshire make up nearly one-third of the UK tea market so these are significant steps forward. Let’s persuade the four other companies to do the same.

  • June 19, 2018: Success! Yorkshire Tea has published a full list of their suppliers just one month after Traidcraft Exchange launched their campaign. Let’s keep going to persuade other companies to do the same.

Jun 05, 2018 Campaign Launches

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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marjorie stewart
marjorie stewart

I buy fair trade Assam tea and reputable herbal tisanes..

Damon Baragwanath

Why should we congratulate Unilever? They’re done the absolute barest minimum to look after the welfare of their workers. So, now we can find out where their tea is sourced? WOW!! What about the heavy use of insecticides currently being used on all their Tea Plantations? Furthermore, I’m shocked at Freedom United for even considering to support and condone the Unilever Corporation.

Regina batista
Regina batista

Boicot to these companies!

pascal molineaux

Tea harvested with the seeat and tears of slave or child lsbour just tastes awful and should be banned.


its very interesting to know that you’re taking up the causes of the Plantation workers. If im right, think few years ago there was a protest/strike by these workers in Assam . How about South India where in states like ( Coorg) Karnataka , Kochi ( Kerala) and ( ooty)Tamilnadu, the same issues are there ? Why cant you include these poor/suffering workers plight in your campaign ?
Many international brands buy TEA from these States.

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I love drinking tea but I’m concerned about the poor pay and living conditions of tea workers in Assam.

I want the people who pick my tea to be paid a decent wage and be treated with respect.

Who picked my tea? Which estate does it come from?

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