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November 29, 2018: Today the Modern Slavery Bill became the Modern Slavery Act passing into law! Our partners in Australia have a message for the Freedom United community: The petition made a huge difference and was quoted by Senator Singh in her speech. Whilst we didn’t get everything we asked, it is the strongest national law against modern slavery in the world!

No Penalty, No Progress: Urge Australia to make big business take action

We know all too well that many workers in Asia endure forced labor to bring us the garments, foods, electronics and other goods we enjoy.

The good news is Australia is taking steps towards creating new modern slavery laws that could improve protections for vulnerable workers worldwide and we need your help to make it happen.  

Though a national law, its reach — like the supply chains of many companies — will go far beyond Australia’s borders and has the opportunity to improve the lives of people in forced labor. This is especially true in the Asia Pacific region, where nearly half of all Australia’s goods come from, and where an estimated 30 million people are living in slavery.1

How could this new law impact modern slavery globally? If Australia proposes a strong and robust Modern Slavery Act that sets new global standards in protecting victims and holding businesses accountable, other nations will have a higher bar to follow — resulting in better protections for victims and survivors both regionally and all over the world.

We must call on Australia to leverage its buying power and improve the lives of vulnerable workers by proposing a strong modern slavery law.

We campaigned alongside politicians, nonprofit organizations, faith leaders and anti-slavery activists in 2014 to ensure the UK created a Modern Slavery Act that included company reporting.2 We won then and we can do it again!

Sadly, the UK law does not include government purchases or make companies take action to fix problems, nor does it penalize companies that don’t comply.

Australia is looking to model its law after the UK, which risks it being weak, and we don’t want this to be a missed opportunity to help protect more victims and abolish modern slavery.

Join us in calling on Australia to be a global and regional leader in the fight against modern slavery.

Oct 17, 2017 Campaign Launches

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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i ask like Janet: can we get a list of goods likely made by forced labour. Or one list of goods definitely NOT made by forced labour?


Baptist World Aid Ethical Report –
Annual report and guidelines rating retailers in Australia

Janet Hudgins
Janet Hudgins

The only way for the general public to fight this is by boycotting. Got a list of goods that were likely made by forced labour?


Baptist World Aid Ethical Report
Annual report and guidelines rating retailers in Australia

Jerome Holsey
Jerome Holsey

One day slavery will be stopped, and the world will be on its head.

Donna Peacock
Donna Peacock

Stop corporate global colonialism. Justice for all. “Earth provides enough for everybody’s need, but not everybody’s greed”. Mahatma Gandhi


Thank you for working hard towards resolving matters of moral conduct among all people. Slavery is outmoded.
All people deserve to live with sime dignity. If they have that, they will work harder for you. Respect goes a long way.
Do not give up the battle for decency.

Freedom United
Freedom United

Hi Elizabeth,

It is our honor to work towards the dignity and respect of all people.

Thank you for your encouragement to continue the work!

Together for freedom,

This Campaign made an impact with 57,198 supporters!

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