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Over three thousand women and girls have been forced into sexual slavery by ISIS during the conflict in Iraq and Syria.1 But the horror doesn’t end there — men, women, boys and girls all over the world have been forced into slavery during conflict.

Randa, a 16 year old girl was abducted by ISIS along with her heavily-pregnant mother from northern Iraq. Forced into slavery Randa was taken and raped by a man twice her age.2

Esther Ruth Atim was kidnapped from Uganda when she was 9 years old by the Lord’s Resistance Army, a Christian militia. “Rape was on a daily basis. I was raped so I couldn’t even move … like a normal (person) … I could only move like a jumping frog.”3

Last December the UN Security Council took the first steps towards ending slavery in conflict as some members acknowledged ISIS’s use of slavery as a war crime.

We must continue to push the Security Council to protect survivors of slavery and prosecute those responsible for war crimes.

Swift action could prevent human trafficking and sexual slavery in conflicts all over the world now and forever.

Campaign updates

6 January 2017: Following an historic debate, UN Security Council Resolution 2331 was passed unanimously on 20 December 2016. The Resolution calls on member states to prevent, investigate and prosecute perpetrators of trafficking and slavery in conflict situations and calls for better protection measures. In light of the appointment of a new UN Secretary General, we continue to call for the appointment of a dedicated UN representative to take forward this work.

Call on the UN to address human trafficking and slavery in conflict

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Dear Member States of the UN Security Council,
Thousands of men, women and girls are trafficked and forced into sexual slavery in conflicts all over the world.
The Security Council has the power to end this abhorrent practice. We urge you to:
1. Call on the UN Secretary-General to further implement Presidential Statement S/PRST/2015/25 by creating a leadership appointment to enhance the implementation of existing UN mechanisms to combat slavery.
2. Send a strong deterrent to armed groups by publicly committing to the capture and prosecution of those responsible for war crimes involving slavery and trafficking.
Thank you for your attention and we encourage the Council to remain seized of this matter.

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