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Survivor Alliance pledge to interact ethically with survivors

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Anti-trafficking and anti-slavery education and awareness events are becoming commonplace. At these events, survivors of slavery and human trafficking are sometimes asked to participate as a speaker or a panelist. Survivor participation is often limited to telling the worst experiences of their traumas. They also face boundary violations emotionally and physically, such as inappropriate touching. When that happens, there is little to no way for survivors to immediately assert that boundaries were violated because they may be on-stage and fearful of the power dynamics at play. Also, there is rarely any accountability of individuals or remediation of the problem available after these events.

The solution

We are asking individuals and organizations to sign on to this pledge and to make a commitment to creating safe and ethical interactions with survivors at all events. Signing this pledge also means that you are open to being held accountable for each item listed in the pledge sign-up box.

This pledge comes directly from survivors and may be used as part of contractual agreements when survivors agree to participate in events.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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Seng Aung Sein Myint

Great initiative.

I pledge to interact ethically with survivors at events

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I will treat survivors as a peer and colleague regardless of the survivors’ professional status in the anti-trafficking field. I will compensate them fairly for their input and participation and treat their input with respect and validity.

I pledge to ask survivors for their subject matter expertise. I will not ask them to speak about the worst parts of their trauma.

I pledge to ask survivors about what kinds of questions they would like to be asked when sitting on a panel or being interviewed. I will not surprise them with unnecessary questions about their life that could be triggering and I will stick to the agreed upon questions and format.

I pledge to respect survivors’ physical and emotional boundaries. I will not assume shared physical or emotional intimacy. For example, I will ask permission to give hugs.

I pledge to listen to survivors and respect their expertise on their trauma and healing. I will not tell them how to do their healing better or question their experiences.

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