Strengthen the EU proposal to tackle conflict minerals -

Strengthen the EU proposal to tackle conflict minerals

Right now, we have an important opportunity to tackle the deadly trade in conflict minerals which are often sourced in extreme conditions of exploitation, violence and modern slavery.

The European Commission has put forward a proposal to encourage companies to check their supply chains to ensure that the minerals they buy from conflict-affected and high-risk areas are sourced responsibly and don’t fund violence or suffering.1

This is a landmark opportunity for progress, but the current proposal doesn’t go far enough. The voluntary scheme on the table is unlikely to have any impact on the way European companies source their minerals or meaningfully tackle the trade in conflict minerals.

That’s where you come in. A committee of Members of the European Parliament are now considering this proposal and discussing if they wish to make any changes. Please join us in calling for them to show leadership on this issue and strengthen the proposal by:

  • Introducing legal requirements for companies to identify and address the risk of conflict minerals in their supply chains.
  • Ensuring these rules cover companies bringing minerals into the EU, whether as a raw material or as part of finished products.
  • Campaign win! The European Parliament voted in favor of a historic new law to tackle the devastating trade in conflict minerals.* Thanks to nearly 300,000 of your actions, MEPs chose to endorse legislation that could really start to improve the lives of people suffering as a result of this devastating trade.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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