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Call to End Slavery in Libya

Watch our video for World Refugee Day.

The world was shocked when news of slave markets in Libya broke four years ago, but since then cases of modern slavery, slave trade and slave auctions in Libya have evolved considerably. And they are all linked back to migrant detention centers and the money and power fueling their existence.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the United Nations have all documented major human rights violations and clear cases of modern slavery in these facilities.

So who’s throwing these vulnerable people behind bars?

The Libyan Coastguard — supported generously by funding from the European Union.1,2

In a bid to prevent refugees and migrants from reaching the shores of Europe, the Libyan Coastguard has increased its interception of boats in the Mediterranean Sea, returning those on board to Libya and locking them up in migrant detention centers.3

And as the devastating, deadly airstrike on the Tajoura migrant detention center shows, these facilities are now targets in the country’s ongoing conflict and no place for refugees to live.

We know racism within Libya is contributing to the problem as well; black and dark-skinned refugees and migrants from Sub-Saharan African are the majority of those trafficked and subjected to forced labor. The United Nations even reported that “a commonly used word to refer to black people in Libya is ‘abidat’, which translates to “slaves.”4

Take it from Leyla, a Somali refugee.

“We barely ate and there wasn’t enough water. So many people were sick with TB, some died in my arms. I was beaten up and we were tortured – with electricity,” she said.5

She and her husband fled Islamist al-Shabab militants in Somalia in 2016 but ended up in the hands of human traffickers in Libya. When they managed to escape their traffickers, the couple boarded an inflatable boat, hoping to cross the Mediterranean.

But when their boat ran out of fuel it was the Libyan Coastguard that forcibly took them to Tripoli, locking them up in the Triq al-Sikka Detention Center. Running out of hope that they would be freed, her husband set himself on fire, burning to death.

A petition has been prepared, we must break this cycle of exploitation.

And that starts with putting pressure on the EU. Telling the EU to put human lives before inhume immigration policies that are sending refugees and migrants back into danger in Libya.

Your signature tells the EU that it can no longer be complicit in allowing modern slavery to persist in Libya. Act now and sign the petition.

  • June, 2022: Clashes between armed groups have erupted in Tripoli as the country faces a violent power struggle. Refugees and migrants, alongside the local population, are at greater risk of harm as a result, and yet the E.U. continues to support a migration management system which favors the return of people intercepted in the Central Mediterranean to Libya. Read more.

  • April, 2022: With the support of the organization FragDenStaat, Sea-Watch has filed a lawsuit against Frontex before the General Court of the European Union for refusing requests under the Freedom of Information Regulation. The requests were in relation to a pullback in violation of international law witnessed by Sea-Watch on on July 30, 2021. Read more.

  • April 22, 2022: Freedom United joins the signatories on Refugees in Libya’s political manifesto, calling for the closure of detention centers and an end to the funding of the Libyan Coast Guard. Sign the manifesto.

  • April 13, 2022:  In a live YouTube stream by Refugees in Libya, people with lived experience of the horrors inflicted on migrants and refugees in Libya gave their testimonies. One person said: “I want to remind the world we are people. … We are talking about people, someone who has a name, people who have a family. The international community has failed us […] they have failed us where they failed to admit that we are human beings and we count.” Watch the video here.

  • March 30, 2022: Germany announces that it will cease its military training for the Libyan Coast Guards due to concerns over their treatment of migrants. Read more.

  • Jun 19, 2017: Campaign Launches

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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28 days ago

È aberrante che l’Unione Europea, e l’Italia in particolare, finanzino gli abusi sui migranti in Libia.

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