Red Sand Project

Red Sand Project is a participatory artwork that raises awareness of vulnerabilities that can lead to human trafficking and exploitation.The Project was started by artist and activist, Molly Gochman at Art Basel, Miami in December 2014.

Red Sand Project has been used by people and organizations of many backgrounds — from students and educators to businessmen to nonprofits, from law enforcement to survivors, from celebrities to parents. We invite anyone interested in helping raise awareness of these issues, in learning more about them, or in getting involved to participate.

How do you participate? Simple. You pour red sand (provided in a toolkit you can order on their website) in sidewalk cracks and take a photo of it to post to social media using the hashtag #RedSandProject. That’s it! We also encourage people to use chalk to write the name of the project, to host events, and to generally spread the word about the issue– but that is up to you!

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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