Freedom Fortnight - Moving Beyond Awareness -

Freedom Fortnight – Moving Beyond Awareness

Have you ever thought, “I want to do something to fight slavery today, but I don’t know how?” Well, look no further. Freedom United works to help those interested in–and perhaps intimidated by–the fight against modern slavery to find their space in this movement.

Starting on April 23, Freedom United is hosting Freedom Fortnight, a two-week online event to help you move beyond awareness as we break modern slavery down for you and build you up. Over fourteen days, we will focus on specific aspects of anti-trafficking, introducing you to people, organizations and initiatives making a difference.

Celebrate progress, connect with others who care, and take specific actions to help stop modern slavery & human trafficking.

We will be sharing interviews with various professionals working for anti-trafficking organizations, and challenging participants to take concrete action. Freedom Fortnight begins on April 23, 2018. Sign up now to get Freedom Fortnight messages!

Then, sign up for our Thunderclap, which will amplify the message of Freedom Fortnight on social media. It’s a quick and easy way to spread the word!

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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DeBorah Lenette Pollitt

We are in the same situation as the free people who lived in a country (America) with enslaved people in the population. Will you be indifferent because it’s not happening to you?

Fran Harris
Fran Harris

We lived in California for 4 years, where I learned that there are different classes of slaves. In other words, some are paid and others are not. Learning the language of the country of residence goes a long way to helping a person obtain a decent job and fair wages. Check out the new website of a new company designed to combat slavery by having an app for mobile phones with which a customer can check the provenance of a product to see if it was made in a sweatshop. Visit Abolish.


Buenos días, mi nombre es Ana y vivo en México. Me gustaría que pensáramos acerca de lo absurdo de remunerar los trabajos en forma tan desigual. Es verdaderamente tonto que el trabajo de una persona dedicada a la administración de una oficina se le pague 100 o más veces más que a un campesino. Porque pensemos, para qué sirve pasar papeles de un lado a otro?. El que vive en el campo, cultiva y produce comida para otros debe ser valorado.


The most enslaved are those who think they are free


We live in class divided societies. We ought to break the class division scheme if we want to reach for peace and freedom.


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