Face Slavery With Me and Walk Free

Face slavery

Slavery is illegal in nearly every country in the world. Yet slavery still exists today.

From human trafficking to debt bondage to domestic servitude, slavery affects over 27 million people worldwide. People with names, with stories, with faces; people hidden from the world on farms, in factories, behind closed doors.

Modern slavery thrives because so many world leaders have turned a blind eye, failing to adequately invest in the solutions of prevention, protection, and prosecution necessary to eradicate this vicious practice. Those enslaved are not yet able to face the leaders that have turned their backs on them—but we are.

We must urge our leaders to face slavery, today.

Add your photo to our visual petition calling on world leaders everywhere to face the facts of modern slavery. Fill in your information to receive instructions on how to send us your photo to add it to the gallery above.

The more we make ourselves seen, the harder it becomes for modern slavery, and its victims throughout the world, to be ignored any longer.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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Susan Howell
Susan Howell

Outlaw scarlet on this planet

Prudence Brooks
Prudence Brooks

Slavery is inequality. It remains abusive. It is a reflection of man’s inhumanity to man. Wrong on all counts.

Valerio Tarone
Valerio Tarone

Mauritania is ,perhaps, the only country in the wordl who always has maintained slavery.

Edith Robbins
Edith Robbins

Humanity is diminished as long as there are slaves.

Edith Robbins
Edith Robbins

My heart is sad that slavery continues to exist in this world Humanity is diminished as long as there are slaves

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