Enough games Nintendo: time for action against slavery

Enough games Nintendo: time for action against slavery

Conflict minerals are often mined in brutal conditions of forced labor, debt bondage and even child slavery in the Congo. Slave-mined minerals are in many of our everyday electronic items: they generate hundreds of millions of dollars and fuel the world’s deadliest ongoing conflict.

Huge progress is being made to rid our household electronics of modern slavery: Intel recently announced that all its new microprocessors will be free of conflict minerals and CEO Brian Kraznich has urged other companies to follow suit1.

While Intel and many other electronics companies are making moves to ensure they’re no longer part of the violent cycle of conflict in the Congo, Nintendo – the world’s largest manufacturer of video game consoles – lags behind. We simply don’t know what steps the electronics giant is taking to ensure its products are free of the violence, murder and modern slavery associated with these minerals and its conflict minerals policy has been dismissed by experts as a “meaningless piece of paper”2.

It’s time for Nintendo to stop playing games and step up its efforts to help end modern slavery.

Call on Nintendo to take concrete steps to ensure its products are slavery-free by:

  • Only using conflict-free smelters and carrying out audits or spot checks to confirm this is the case.
  • Making the name and number of its smelters public.
  • Committing to making a conflict mineral-free product in the next year.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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